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1. Free Shipping Bar By Hextom

A study revealed that 58% of customers will add more items to their cart for free shipping. It makes them feel rewarded and encourages them to shop more, knowing they are saving money that would have otherwise been used to cover shipping costs.

To support businesses and make free shipping available for every shopper, Hextom developed the Free Shipping Bar. The app aims to improve the customer experience, boost sales, and attract a higher customer engagement rate.

The app has an incredibly user-friendly interface that can show a progressive message to shopping customers, encouraging them to add more products to their cart for free shipping.

The app also offers different shopping goals for other countries to display the best offers through the promotion bar. These shipping bars record actions taken by online shoppers, making data available for analyzing free shipping campaigns.

Additionally, with Free Shipping Bar by Hextom, businesses can use ready-to-use templates to create a storefront design that aligns with the nature of their business. These versatile themes can keep your customers engaged while they shop on the Shopify store.

Key Features Of The Free Shipping Bar By Hextom:

  • Customizable free shipping bar to align with your business needs
  • Better advanced targeting options
  • Shipping bar performance tracking
  • Automatically tracking customer’s locations to show accurate free shipping threshold


  • Free plan options are available.
  • Premium plans are available, starting at as low as $10

2.AVADA Free Shipping Bar

A highly appreciated and renowned free shipping bar app known for offering a wide range of options. Aside from unlimited customization options, the AVADA Free Shipping Bar by AVADA Commerce offers endless Free Shipping Bar options, including an Announcement Bar, a hello bar, and a promotion bar.

These different bars can seamlessly show your sales message, encouraging customers to shop more.

Moreover, the AVADA Free Shipping Bar allows businesses to show customized progressive messages to motivate customers to add more items to their cart, increasing the average order.

Additionally, the AVADA Free Shipping Bar has plenty of curated holiday themes that are pre-made, up-to-date, and easy to customize.

Key Features Of AVADA Free Shipping Bar

  • Offers unlimited free shipping bar options, including Promotion Bar, Hello Bar, and Announcement Bar
  • Feature to change motivating message based on cart value to encourage customers to shop more for free shipping
  • Five preset positions to display the bar for higher engagement
  • Enables adding links to the bar and buttons for actions
  • Option to issue a progressive message to enhance customer experience
  • Customizable templates and themes that can reflect the true personality and store style of your brand


  • Free plans are available

3.Free Shipping Bar by SpurIt

Free Shipping & Hello Bar by SpurIt enables businesses to make free shipping offers available for their customers. Many merchants trust this Shopify store app for its remarkable features.

The app enchants potential customers from the moment they land on product pages. The initial message (the welcome bar) shows the currently running offers, including free shipping.

Customers add more products to their cards as they engage with the message. At this point, the message changes to motivate customers to add more items to increase the average order value.

The final message displays if they have unlocked free shipping deals or need to add more products. The feature especially benefits brands offering free shipping deals over a certain order value.

Key Features Of Free Shipping Bar By SpurIt

  • It can be set up with conditions to show the bar to website visitors.
  • Offers that are encouraged by a progressive message thread
  • Impactful and powerful configuration that ensures more sales
  • Fully customizable bar with guarantee of quality
  • The smart shipping bar is mobile-responsive.


  • Avail basic plan at $8.95 per month
  • Avail Priority Support Plan: $17.95/ month

4.Shipping Bar By ShopStorm

Free shipping is an effective way to encourage your customers to explore your product pages before purchasing.

Moreover, as an increase in cart value translates to free shipping deals, it entices customers who tend to get lured by free shipping shopping apps.

Shipping Bar by ShopStorm is an easy-to-use free shipping bar app that doesn’t require coding at any level. It can be installed in a Shopify store with just a few clicks.

The range of available customization makes creating bars that can display current product offers, free shipping deals, and announcements easy. The Shipping Bar by ShopStorm offers customizations with fonts and themes.

Key Feature Of Shipping Bar By ShopStorm

  • Easy to install and can be set up in a few clicks
  • The free shipping progress bar directs customers throughout the purchase cycle.
  • The best free shipping bar for brands that do not want to get into the coding side
  • It can be used on any device
  • Offers full customization on fonts and colors to match store style
  • Is compatible with any Shopify store theme


  • The free plan is available
  • The standard plan is priced at $4 per month

5.Smart Shipping Bar By Pixel Union

This free shipping bar app offers customization that can motivate customers while effortlessly blending into your Shopify theme.

The app increases average order value by encouraging customers to add more items to their cart for free shipping deals. The app does it seamlessly to motivate customers without coming across as intruding.

The shipping bar can be placed anywhere on the website, as it blends into any brand theme you work with. The app is easy to install and requires no coding skills.

Moreover, the notification bar can cater to unlimited website visitors. Furthermore, the shipping bars can be tracked to understand performance, identify scope for improvement, and optimize free shipping goals.

Key Features Of Smart Shipping Bar By Pixel Union

  • Feature to accommodate unlimited impressions
  • Easy and instant installations without any code requirements
  • The shipping bar can be customized
  • The cart goals get updated in real-time to keep customers interested in shopping more to get free shipping deals
  • Offers advanced targeting and scheduling
  • Feature to track shipping bar performance


  • A free plan is available, whereas the premium plan costs $4.99 per month

6.Easy Free Shipping Bar By Metizsoft Solutions Pvt Ltd

The Easy Free Shipping Bar is easy to install and can increase sales in your Shopify store. The bar can be customized to highlight and encourage customers to shop more for free shipping.

The Easy Free Shipping Bar by Metizsoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is versatile and can be curated to match specific themes inspired by events or product launches.

The slide-out bar also makes shopping-related buttons visible, including discounts, free shipping, etc., to boost sales effortlessly. It can also inform your audience about upcoming promotions, events, and sales.

Key Features Of Easy Free Shipping Bar By Metizsoft Solutions Pvt Ltd

  • Can be installed and customized easily
  • Offers smooth and seamless responsive look across all devices
  • Event-specific themes that can be implemented across the Shopify store easily
  • Progressive response to customer interactions and touchpoints


  • Free plan

7.Libautech: Announcement Bar

If your store is always running an offer, then free shipping offers will ensure customers come to your storefront more often and make a purchase.

With the Announcement Bar By Libautech, you can add a bar that informs your customers about current offers, upcoming sales, and more.

This makes shopping online a breeze for customers, as they know about items on sale without scanning the website. The announcement bar can also indicate shipping costs and estimated delivery.

The app allows unlimited customization options and has pre-made templates that can be used to create attractive bars.

Key Features Of Add Announcement Bar By Libautech

  • Easy, hassle-free, and quick installation
  • It can be implemented on any website theme
  • A wide range of pre-made templates is available to make customization easy and convenient.
  • Informs customers about shipping costs and estimates delivery upfront
  • Displays engaging progressive messages when customers add items to their cart
  • Enables tracking of individual performance of Announcement bar
  • It can help with automatically tracking customer’s locations
  • It can convert the customer’s total cart value into local currency


  • Pricing has two variants: a free plan and a pro plan at $5.95 per month

8.Zero: Free Shipping Bar By Quantum Apps

Sometimes, customers can get impatient while adding more items to their carts to get free shipping. This may result in them abandoning the cart and probably never returning.

Zero’s Free Shipping Bar by Quantum Apps aims to capture customers’ attention before they abandon the cart. The Zero Free Shipping Bar app shows customers a countdown until free shipping.

This motivates them to shop until they reach the free shipping amount and place the order instantly. It allows brands to make a sale without worrying about sending special offers to attract customers back to shopping.

Additionally, the real-time view of getting close to the free shipping goal increases customer engagement and creates a sense of being rewarded.

Some brands even add a free goodie that makes shopping a positive experience.

Key Features Of Zero: Free Shipping Bar By Quantum Apps

  • Easy to install and implement on the website with just a few clicks
  • It features automatically tracking customers’ locations to deliver messages at the right touchpoints
  • Eye-catching and mesmerizing themes that can align with event-based promotions and needs
  • Free shipping encourages customers to add more items to their cart as they shop


  • Free plans are available. However, brands can also opt for Premium Plan at $7.99 per month

9.DrBary Free Shipping Bar And More By Halley Software LLC

Making your customers work towards a free shipping goal is no longer a hassle, thanks to DrBary Free Shipping Bar and More by Halley Software LLC.

Free shipping bars keep visitors engaged by constantly showing them discounts, offers, news, upcoming events, deals, and special events. Regarded among the best free shipping bar apps, it allows brands to customize and make the website responsive across different devices.

Key Features Of DrBary Free Shipping Bar & More By Halley Software LLC

  • Easy to install and implement on websites with any theme
  • Displays a free shipping bar with progressive messages
  • Different shipping bars can be generated and produced at different customer touchpoints
  • Buttons with specific redirections can be added to bars
  • Fully responsive on all device types, including laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc
  • It can be customized to implement specific themes


  • Free plans are available. However, at $99.99, the basic plan can be availed of annually. Monthly basic plans are available at $9.99

10.Sales Box ‑ Free Shipping Bar

Sales Box allows you to create a shipping box to display any important information anywhere on your product page. This makes it easy for your customers to make faster purchasing decisions, diminish cart abandonment rates, and uplift your conversions.

Developed by FireApps, this app lets you track the customer’s location and display shipping cost, time of shipping, and any discounts automatically.

Key Features Of Sales Box By FireApps

  • Based on the geographic location, show the shipping cost or sales promotion
  • Set product-specific promotions to entice customers and raise conversion rates
  • Select a theme that suits your mood and branding
  • Currency conversion and language translation based on IP address
  • Compatible with most of the Shopify themes


  • A 7-day free trial is available
  • The paid plan starts at $19 per month

11.Leadslide Free Shipping Bar

The Leadslide Free Shipping Bar, offered by Leadslide, is all about making your life easier when it comes to creating those handy notifications, announcements, and promotion bars for your website. If you’re not familiar with it, a notification bar is one that can sit neatly at the top or bottom of your site, helping you get the word out to your customers in a user-friendly way.

With this app, you can swap out your regular notification bar for one that displays coupon codes or promotions, letting your customers know about discounts and deals. The best part? It’s mobile-friendly and works seamlessly on all sorts of devices, whether you’re browsing on a laptop, desktop, Android, mobile, or iOS.

You also get the freedom to craft your own notifications and share the announcements you want. And if you’re all about social media engagement, this app lets you display your social media links on your site or in the footer, helping you connect with your audience.

As for those free shipping bars, they’re there to give your visitors that extra nudge to boost sales and profits on your Shopify store.

Key Features Of Leadslide

  • Let your customers know about those awesome free shipping offers.
  • Customize your messages to keep your Shopify customers in the loop.
  • Build up your social media presence and get more followers.
  • Display free messages to your customers to help increase sales.
  • Enjoy a seamless experience on various devices, making it super convenient for both you and your customers.


  • The app is free to use.

12.Ship: FREE Shipping Calculator

This free app is built to let you create fully customized shipping boxes for your online Shopify store. Having these boxes makes it easy for you to increase your cart value and shoot up your sales by persuading customers to add more products to their cart for free shipping.

This shipping box can be added anywhere on your website. Once added, it will display how much value of products they need to add to their cart for free shipping.

Key Features Of Free Shipping Calculator By LaraLancer

  • Add the shipping box anywhere on your website
  • Compatible with all Shopify themes and devices
  • Customization-ready shipping box
  • Live preview to check how the shipping will look on the live page
  • Increases add to cart and conversion rates


  • There is a 2-day free trial available.
  • The paid plans start at $3.99 per month.

13.Shipping Bar Master ‑ Autoketing

With Shipping Bar Master, you can create automatic shipping campaigns and display a shipping bar at your online store to persuade customers to a purchase. This will help you increase the order value of your customers, boost the overall revenue, and raise your profits.

Key Features Of Shipping Bar Master By Autoketing

  • You can add unlimited active shipping bars
  • Create automatic shipping campaigns
  • Manage campaigns effectively by choosing the shipping bar
  • Add a link to your shipping bar to redirect customers to the page you like


  • A free 7-day trial is available along with a free plan as well
  • The paid plan starts at $9.99 a month

Why Does Your Ecommerce Store Need A Shopify Free Shipping Bar App?

Even the best products can fail to impress the target audience if the brand does not offer free shipping.

With more businesses switching to online platforms to increase their sales, it can become challenging to constantly develop new ways to keep your customers interested while shopping on your website. Especially for small, local businesses, every website visit matters.

Free shipping bars are the right solution in such scenarios, making free shipping offers lucrative, engaging, and enjoyable.

Moreover, it takes away the stress from business owners, as they can focus on building great products while the free shipping bar apps take care of customer journeys till checkout.


A free shipping bar ensures your business can convert nearly every website visitor into a loyal customer. With brands working around the clock to create unique products and services with passion and dedication, free shipping bar apps make it possible to convert browsing customers into frequent buyers.

When utilized strategically, these free shipping offers can increase sales and brand presence while catering to unlimited website visitors, making them a worthy investment.


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