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1. Instagram Feed + YouTube + Reviews by Tagembed

This Shopify app for Instagram comes with the following features:

Engaging Instagram Feed to Attract Visitors

This app helps your website become more vibrant and engaging by integrating Instagram feeds, user-generated content, hashtag campaign feeds, and more. When your website looks visually appealing, visitors are likely to spend more time on it.

Easily Fetch Instagram Content

This Insta feed app allows you to collect Instagram feeds and display them on your website using Instagram features like mentions, tagged, @handle, #hashtags, and more. With this app, you can curate and customize feeds before you display them on your store site.

Other Key Highlights

  • Custom CSS
  • Hashtag highlighter
  • Easy to install
  • Calls to action

2. Instagram Feed, Story & TikTok

You can enjoy the following benefits while using this Instagram feed app:

Shoppable Instagram Feeds

You can easily add product and variant tags to your feeds on Instagram with this Shopify app to drive more conversions and sales.

Drive Cross-Channel Engagements

This app also lets you grow the number of your Instagram followers much faster and expand your reach. You can add CTAs within clicks to drive engagement across multiple channels.

Easy to Install

You do not require coding knowledge to customize and display your high-performing Instagram feeds to your store visitors. Easily integrate this app into your Shopify store and start impressing your audience.

3. Instagram shop by SNPT

The following features make this one of the best Instagram feed apps for Shopify

Shop the Look Cards

The “Shop the Look” card enhances the client’s shopping involvement by connecting different items. This way, you can push more products toward the customer.

Turn UGC into Social Proof

The app allows you to repost the content posted by your customers, making your products seem more validated. You can also make the posts shoppable.

Insta Shop Feed

Bring Instagram pictures and videos onto your store interface and connect them to your products for an easy shopping experience.

4. Free Instagram Feed Pro

Enjoy the following benefits when you get this app from the Shopify app store

Display Instagram Feed

You can connect your Instagram feed to the Shopify store home page, product pages, and even blog posts with a simple configuration.

Slider Layout

With this app, you can easily display your Instafeed content in a Grid or gallery slideshow format. The premade gallery models are pretty effective.

Faster Loading Speed

The app allows you to display your Instagram feed without slowing down the site. Visitors can access the store pages without any lag in loading speed.

5. Taggshop- Shoppable UGC & Instagram

This Shopify app comes with the following features:

Shoppable UGC

You can collect visual user-generated content from your brand’s Instagram hashtags and turn them into shoppable items by tagging the products. This smart usage of UGC can help drive conversions and sales.

Shoppable Instagram Feed:

Apart from the shoppable UGC, the app also allows you to turn your Instagram feed into shoppable elements in a few simple steps. You can tag products to particular posts with hotspots.

Customizable Options

This app also lets you make the Shopify store look exciting with various gallery theme options, banners, colors, font styles, and other design options.

6. Shoppable Instagram & UGC

This is one of the widely preferred Instagram feed apps for Shopify stores. Here are the features that make it so useful

Easy Instagram Shopping Experience

If a majority of your customers come from Instagram, you can make it simpler for them to shop by making the Instagram posts and UGC shoppable by putting them in the most crucial places on your site.

Legal Way to Use UGC

Illegal utilization of user-generated content often puts a brand in trouble. This Shopify app allows you to demand and secure the rights to specific UGC, ensuring you utilize it legally.

Never Miss Posts from Your Patrons

If you have clients who have supported you throughout your journey, you can use this app to track their Instagram posting movements mentioning your brand.

7. InstaShow ‑ Instagram Feed

This Instagram feed app lets you improve the visual appearance of your store using the following features:

Instagram Feed to Attract More Visitors

With this app, you can draw in more visitors and motivate them to invest more time and energy in your site by making the store more engaging.

Promote Deals with Instagram

Make the Instagram feed shoppable and impress your visitors with appealing posts. This will improve your chances of turning visitors into paying customers.

Easy to Integrate

You can easily integrate your Instagram feed into your Shopify store without any hassle. The super-natural editorial manager can help you promote your products through Instagram posts.

8. Instagram Feed | Social Media

Turn your social media into shoppable elements with this app.

Share Photos and Testimonials

This app allows you to share photos and testimonials from any public feed – be it from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or others.

Collect Posts from Everywhere

You can post all your posts from Instagram, Twitter (X), Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media sources on your store interface using this app.

Automatic Instagram Updates

You get the option to add new Instagram feed links to the account. Check the hashtags on Twitter and Instagram using the app.

9. Instagram Feed Pro by Snapzy

This is one of the major Shopify Instagram feed apps that help you take advantage of Instagram marketing. Some of its key features include the following:

Turn Your Site into a Gallery Store

This app lets you add an Instagram feed on your site to display photographs and video content, making it look like a gallery store.

Real-Time Synchronization

The Instagram feed on the site syncs in real time with the posts. When you add photos to your profile, it immediately appears in the Instagram feed.

Better Engagement for Your Store

The Instagram feed option allows you to grow more engagement on the store. You can develop your brand character by utilizing genuine photos from Instagram.

10. Imageagram ‑ An Instagram Shop

If you are looking for a simple app with amazing features, this is one of the best Instagram feed apps available on the Shopify app store. Some of the major features of this app include the following:

Better Instagram Feed Display

You can build deals, display your items in unique ways, and improve the conversion rate by exhibiting the shoppable Instagram feed on your site using this app.

Instagram Display Functions

With this app, you get a gadget with various perspectives for each Instagram post. It also offers several options that can be used for modification.

User-friendly Interface

The app integrates easily with the store at any place you like. You can even simply display the posts with the option to tweak the highlights.

11. Instagram Shop + Feed Gallery

Attract more visitors with the Instagram feed using this Shopify app. Here are some features that make it stand out:

Entice Clients to Make Purchases

With an attractive Instagram feed, you are more likely to the visitors to purchase an item from your store. Show the Instagram feed on your store using this app to draw in more clients.

Create Multiple Instagram Displays on Store

The Insta feed with hashtag feature lets you create numerous Instagram displays with separate hashtags directly from Instagram.

Build a Gallery of Your Own

With this app, you can design innovative Instagram posts (photos and videos) and display them in the store. You can improve the overall appearance of your store using the gallery.

12. Gatsby: Influencer Marketing

This Shopify app functions a bit differently from all the other apps mentioned previously. Some of its key features include the following:

Get Customers to Share their Insta Handle

With this app, you can approach the customers for their Instagram handle. Typically, 25% of the clients who show interest in your products will likely share their Insta handle.

Trigger Influencer Outreach

The app lets you get prompt Instagram experiences from your clients and can trigger efforts to the influencers who can help you promote your brand.

Scale Your Growth

The app also does the analysis and computing for you. It gives you the influencer commitment rates, assessed reach, and growth within a particular period.

13. Instagram Stories Ambassadors

Similar to other Instagram feed apps mentioned in this list, this app also lets you take advantage of the Instagram feed option for your store. The major features of this app are:

Integrate Instagram Stories for Better Engagement

Use innovative Instagram stories to stand apart from your competitors. This app lets you use stories as social proof and boost conversion rates.

Shoppable Instagram Feed

While all the other apps let you turn your Instagram posts into shoppable elements, this app allows you to create customized Instagram story surveys. You can also display reviews posted by customers on your store.

Reward Instagram Influencers

Whenever someone reviews your products on Instagram, you can highlight the reviews on your store using this app. While that encourages more people to review your products, you should also offer cashback for them on your store.

14. Instagram Shop Feed by SPRBOT

Create gorgeous galleries for your store with this app using your Instagram images and videos. Some of the key highlights of this tool are:

Easily Display Your Products

You can use this app to tag your Instagram photos with products. This improves the appearance of your store while uniquely showcasing your products.

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

The app offers a smooth interface, even though you use the IG shop feed with large-size images and videos. Also, it looks great on any device.

Analytics and Results

You can keep track of how many clicks each of your products gets through your Insta shop through the analytics.

15. Instagram Slider Feed

If you want the Instagram grid or slider layout for your Shopify store, this is the app you need. It offers the following features and more:

Combined Gallery Feed

Display inspirational feeds of notable hashtags in your blog posts using this app. It even lets you create a combined gallery feed from multiple Instagram usernames, locations, and hashtags.

Smooth and Responsive

The app lets you display 3-4 images per side and adjusts easily to different screen sizes. The mobile-friendly interface is a bonus.

Display Number of Likes and Comments

You can also display the number of likes and comments on each product-related post. This works as social proof of your product’s success.

16. Instagram Feed Gallery

This one is quite similar to other Instagram feed apps available on the Shopify store. Some key features of this app include the following:

Fully Responsive Interface

When you integrate this app with your store, you do not have to worry about the store’s responsiveness. The interface adjusts the different screen sizes easily.

Improve Your Store’s Appearance

The app lets you give a fresh look to your store with interesting Instagram posts. It also comes with the new Facebook API.

Choice of Multiple Alteration

With this app, you can also adjust channels that suit your brand image best.

17. Instagram Feed + Stories

Showcase your Instagram Feed, Stories, and Highlights on your store with this amazing Instagram feed app. This app comes with the following features:

Use Various Elements of Your Instagram Profile

Apart from displaying the Instagram feed on your store, you can also display Instagram Highlights and Stories to keep the visitors engaged.

Options for Different Layouts

You can choose from the Instagram slider layout or the grid layout for your Instafeed based on your preference. The app supports both.

Promotions and Shoutouts

This app also allows you to run Instagram promotions and shoutouts for visitors and customers. This is a great way to turn visitors into your patrons.

18. Instagram Shopping & Feed

This is one of the free Shopify Instagram feed apps that allow you to introduce shoppable Instagram feeds to your store website. The highlighting features of this tool include:

Easily Introduce Instagram Feed

The app lets you integrate your Instagram feed into the store in a snap. Display relevant images and posts directly from your Insta profile for better engagement.

Shoppable Instagram Feed

Easily tag items on Instagram posts to the products on your shop. This will allow your customers to shop while they check out the Insta gallery in the store.

Improved Shopping Experience

The app enhances the overall shopping experience for visitors by offering a responsive interface that is easy to navigate.

19. Instagram Feed & Slider Pro

Add an Instagram feed to your Shopify store and attract more customers by enhancing the store’s appearance with this app. Some key features of this app include:

Beautify Your Store with Instagram Feed

The app lets you bring the Instagram feed gallery to your store, turning it into a themed store. Also, Instagram posts may work as social proof for your brand.

Database API for Instagram and Facebook

The app enables the use of new Graph API, allowing you to customize your feed in your preferred way.

Multiple Options for the Layout

You can choose between the styles of Instagram slider layouts or charts. The responsive slider style will minimize the page while still showing multiple images.

20. Instagram Shop Feed & Gallery

Creating shoppable Instagram feeds and social media galleries for your store has become a lot easier with the help of this app. It also offers some amazing features like these:

Proper Use of UGC

The app helps you take advantage of the user-generated content by allowing you to feature such Instagram posts from your customers to create social proof.

Auto Update Option

The app also has the option to create automatic product-specific galleries that auto-update with time.

Easy to Install and Operate

You can install and set up this app with just one click. No need for any coding knowledge. Also, operating the app is absolutely simple.

21. Instagram Feed + Photo Gallery

Invite the customers to upload their own photos and videos as reviews for your products and publish them on your store with this app. The app also offers the following:

Automated Instagram Feed

You can easily automate and display Instagram account (@profile) or #hashtag photos, reels, and videos. Once you set this up, there’s no need to control the posts manually.

Photo Reviews

Invite the customers to share their reviews about your products or services through Instagram posts and publish them on your store’s Instafeed for social proof.

Seasonal Lookbook

Upload your own photos and videos on the Instagram feed to display your seasonal lookbook. This is a great way to curate and showcase your product photos.

22. Shop Instagram Feed & UGC

This is one of the most highly-rated Shopify Instagram feed apps available in the market. Similar to several other Shopify apps mentioned in this list, this one also offers:

Shoppable Instagram Feed

Easily tag associated products with the Instagram feed and make it easier for the customers to find the right products.

Unlimited Instagram Galleries

This app allows you to create an unlimited number of Instagram galleries for different occasions. Manage images and videos you want to hide with up-to-date posts on your store.

Useful Analytics

Get insights into customer behavior with the help of analytics of impressions and the rate of conversions with this app. Analyze the data to see how the Instagram feed drives sales for you.

23. Instafeeder ‑ Instagram Feed

This app also lets you add Instagram feed to your store. Here are some key highlights of this app:

Easy to Install

You can set up your Instagram store in just three easy steps. You need no coding knowledge to set up the Instagram feed in your store.

Easily Customizable

With this app, you can design your own Instagram feed for the store. This feature lets you make the store more appealing and user-friendly.

Responsive to Different Screen Sizes

The app makes the Instafeed Instagram feed on the store respond accurately to different screen sizes of devices. Set up the feed as per your preference.

24. Section Feed ‑ Instagram Feed

Display your latest Instagram photos on your online store, and connect them to products with Instagram feed sync with this versatile app. You also get the following features:

Create Social Proof

Display the latest media from your Instagram account by adding a flexible Instagram feed on every page of your online store with this app.

Multiple Layout Options

The app also gives you the option to choose between three different layouts and three different image sizes when you plan the interface of your store.

Minimal Performance Impact

This app uses Online Store 2.0 architecture that impacts your website performance minimally. You won’t feel any lag or slow loading speed due to this app integration.

25. Piña Instagram Feed

Highlight user-generated content on your Shopify store using the Instagram feeds app. Some of the key features of this app include:

Choose What to Display

You can choose which timelines to display on your store’s Instafeed. Decide whether you want only the posts, tagged photos, or both.

Customizable Feed

The app also gives you the flexibility to choose how many posts to showcase on the pages on your store site. You can also toggle various design elements with ease.

Display the Number of Likes

While the app lets you put the Instagram posts of your choice on the store site, it also features the number of likes on each post.

26. Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed

This easy-to-install Shopify app lets you add Instagram feed to your store and convert visitors into paying customers. Here are a few major highlights of the app:

Proper Optimization of the Layout

The app lets you optimize the feed for mobile using custom rows and columns. Moreover, it offers an automatically optimized layout, which can also be adjusted manually.

Tag Multiple Products on Posts

You can use this app to create shoppable Instagram feeds by tagging several products in a single post. This can help you leverage the “Shop this look” option.

Hashtag Filter Option

If you want to highlight a specific category of posts on your store’s Instagram feeds, the app allows you to filter posts by hashtags.


Turn your Shopify store into an Instagram shop using an Instafeed Instagram feed app of your choice. Most of the options mentioned above offer some common features. So, evaluate the options and see which one suits your business needs better. Since a majority of these apps come with free trials, you can also try them before making the final choice.


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