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1. AfterShip Order Tracking

With this Shopify order tracking app, you can get real-time delivery updates. And for your customer?
AfterShip offers a package tracker that will let them check the delivery status at any point in time until it reaches them. Isn’t it convenient?

Top Features of the app:

  1. Branded tracking pages along with personalized product recommendations.
  2. Timely email and message notifications for regular updates.
  3. Centralized shipment dashboard for tracking shipment status.
  4. AI-powered estimated delivery dates.
  5. Shipment and performance analytics.
  6. 24/7 live chat support.

2. Tracktor Order Tracking

Want a tracking app that will keep the customers coming? Tracktor order tracking app provides real-time delivery status and order lookout options.
Your customers will easily be able to track the location of the package in no time. Simple, Effective, Efficient–that is Tracktor for you.

Top Features of the app:

  1. Package tracking and order lookout
  2. Reduced support by customer enablement
  3. Email/SMS notifications for regular updates.
  4. Branded tracking pages for increased sales.
  5. Mission control dashboard.
  6. Third-party integrations.
  7. Whitelabel weekly email reports.
  8. Check out the upsell widget.

3. Easyship – All-in-one shipping

Easyship is an e-commerce seller that ships worldwide. With a global team operating from places such as the US, Europe, and Asia, it provides shipping solutions that are regularly updated with the latest technology and customized for e-commerce business needs.

Top Features of the app:

  1. Detailed info on the shipments.
  2. Latest status and location updates.
  3. Integrative features such as shipment tracking API.

4. Wonderment

Transparent order tracking services? That’s not far-fetched. With Wonderment, you can build customer trust and loyalty by offering complete order visibility, branded tracking pages, and instant issue resolution.
What more can one ask for? Let’s see.

Standout Features of the app:

  1. Proactive customer alerts regarding delivery.
  2. Email/SMS notifications with Klaviyo.
  3. Real-time reports and order lookup.
  4. Easy identification of stalled shipments.
  5. Reporting and Analytics.
  6. One-click integrations.

5. Trackr Order tracking

Want to improve buyers’ purchase experience instantly? Trackr order tracking app is the best solution for you.
It offers all-in-one shipment tracking and helps you create customizable order tracking pages with real-time updates from over 900+ carriers.

Top Features of the app:

  1. Branded tracking pages with automatic product recommendations.
  2. Branded return and exchange centre.
  3. Email/SMS notifications for package tracking.
  4. Integration with Klaviyo/Omnisend
  5. Hides carrier’s name and location.
  6. Estimated delivery time and translation support.
  7. Shipping analytics and reports.

6. Order Lookup

Order Lookup is a tech-savvy app that will enable you to reduce support requests by giving customers real-time order tracking information.
It also provides customizable font options and out information. Perfect for drop shipping businesses, it offers seamless services with an E-packet.

Top Features of the app:

  1. Seamless integration with businesses’ sites.
  2. Reduced customer service requests.
  3. Live tracking.
  4. Order Lookups for customers.
  5. Supported by 100+ shipping carriers.

7. Shipway – Shipping Automation

An app that can track and notify, offer shipping intelligence, help in fraud detection, enable easy returns & exchanges, and provide courier aggregation?
Yes! Shipway shipping automation app allows for all these services day in and day out. You won’t need to worry about order tracking ever again.

Top Features of the app:

  1. Automated packaging and carrier allocation.
  2. Quick invoice generation.
  3. Improved order fulfillment speed.
  4. Auto-detect risky orders.
  5. Converts risky COD orders into prepaid.
  6. Extensive reach with 29k+ pin codes.
  7. Assured pickups within 24 hours.
  8. Branded WhatsApp, Email, and SMS delivery alerts.
  9. Feedback and review widget.

8. Parcel Panel Order Tracking

Want to create a positive customer experience and, at the same time, boost sales? Parcel Panel is the tracking solution you need for all your e-commerce needs.
It lets you create branded and multilingual tracking pages with a variety of custom elements.

Standout Features of the app:

  1. Smart dashboard for order tracking.
  2. Push parcel tracking info to PayPal.
  3. Seamless Parcel Panel shipping notifications.
  4. Branded order lookup pages.
  5. Drop shipping facilities.
  6. Smart upsell system and powerful analytics.
  7. 24/7 customer support.
  8. Real-time sync and seamless integration.

9. Auto Fulfill

Auto Fulfill has built-in operations that automatically send orders to vendor suppliers! This is a unique feature this order tracking app offers to businesses that they might not get anywhere else.
Do you want automated fulfillment processes? Try it now.

Top Features of the app:

  1. Packing slips with order info and product details.
  2. Automated fulfilment report.
  3. Easy order relay to the vendors.
  4. Bulk fulfilment updates.
  5. Location-based fulfilment.

10. TrackingMore – Order Tracking

TrackingMore is an auto-updated tracking app that reduces service costs and drives repeat sales. Shipment, package, order, and status tracking plugins–this order tracking platform offers it all.
It supports multi-methods to import tracking numbers such as Amazon, Backend, API, etc.

Top Features of the app:

  1. Early resolution of shipment incidents.
  2. Branded tracking pages for optimum post-purchase experience.
  3. Real-time proactive order tracking.
  4. Shipment notifications.
  5. Delivery of API uptime for every customer.
  6. Unified tracking data format.
  7. 24/7 Customer support

11. Duoplane

Duoplane provides drop ship automation software for retailers and vendors. It can enable you to split and send the orders in any format.
Be it shipping information, inventory syncing, accounting integration, vendor invoicing, or creating returns–all can be done using a single order tracking app.

Standout Features of the app:

  1. Automated order Routing.
  2. Inventory Syncing for product catalog.
  3. Multi-channel Support
  4. Seamless integration with e-commerce systems.
  5. Vendor Portal
  6. Accounting automation to sync vendor invoices.
  7. Complete order management
  8. Vendor score-boarding for actionable performance metrics.

12. Easy Fulfillment

Easy Fulfillment allows you to efficiently fulfill bulk orders and generates the tracking links automatically for the custom and local carriers.
If you have a long list of the tracking codes on your Excel sheet, Easy Fulfillment can easily import your tracking codes for orders in CSV/XLS.

Standout Features of the app:

  1. Automated track link generation for carriers.
  2. Order splitting into different parcels
  3. Supports CSV/XLSX files.
  4. 24/7 Customer support.

13.AllSome Track

An e-commerce looking for an app that takes your tracking services to another level? AllSome Track offers an all-in-one solution to track your parcels and orders in one place.
It even offers an estimated flight arrival and customs clearance information for overseas purchases.

Standout Features of the app:

  1. Detailed Parcel tracking information.
  2. SMS notifications for important parcel statuses.
  3. Parcel tracking system.
  4. E-commerce platform sync.
  5. Integrational services with API.
  6. 24/7 Customer Support services.

14. Multi-Carrier Shipping Label

The Shopify app helps you add multi-carrier and automate shipping for your store. It also prints shipping labels directly within Shopify, which saves time and reduces human error.
Moreover, this app displays accurate shipping rates during checkout.
This helps avoid confusion between you and your customers, and you can provide them with an accurate quote.

Standout Features of the app:

  1. It automatically selects the cheapest carrier service to ship your order.
  2. It packs the parcel with your shipping packing or flat-rate boxes
  3. It has an order tracker and live tracking notification feature.

This app works with different services like FedEx, UPS, Canada Post, USPS, PostNord, and DHL Express. It has a 14-day free trial period.
After the free plan, the rates start from $9/month and go up to $99/month.

15. Shipping Tracker by DevCloud

This app lets you update your customers about their order status and reduce customer service costs.
This is a great solution if you want happy customers who keep coming back to your store.

The top features of the app are:

  1. It helps keep your tracking numbers in one place.
  2. Sends SMS and email notifications to your customers.
  3. It has a tracking dashboard to check the shipping history.
  4. The app has a 14-day free trial period, and the basic paid plan starts from $2.99/ month.
  5. The enterprise plan is priced at $99.99/ month.

16. UpTracker: Auto Fulfill Orders

With UpTracker, you don’t have to update the tracking code or handle shipment manually. The app automatically fulfills bulk orders.
The app keeps track of the shipping files from suppliers, vendors, drop shippers, or warehouses.

Standout features of the app:

  1. Automates orders with the help of tracking info in the fulfillment log.
  2. Can fetch order information from email, FTP/SFTP, Google Sheet
  3. You can add multiple tracking numbers for partial fulfillment.
  4. The app is free to install, and the unlimited plan starts from $29/ month.

17. Order Status Tracker

An app that lets you monitor shipping status?
Yes, Hulk Order Status Tracker enables easy order tracking and increased customer satisfaction.
It offers customizable shipping status alerts that let you set preferred delivery notifications with Google Maps integration.

Standout Features of the app:

  1. Unlimited Order Lookup
  2. 1,100+ global carriers.
  3. Personalized Emails/SMS notifications for shipping status tracking.
  4. Order tracking status, Package tracking, and order tracking updates.
  5. Estimated delivery time. SEO-optimized auto-translated shipment updates.

18.Trackable ‑ Order Status

This order tracker app helps to seamlessly track orders with the help of their email ID or request number.

Standout features of the App:

  1. Help track orders with an email ID or request number.
  2. Integrated with Shopify structure to provide a consistent experience
  3. Decreases the burden of the business owner by providing client support.
  4. The app is free to install, and the prices of the plans may vary according to the plan that you have chosen.

19. Tracking Genie

This tracking app provides estimated delivery exception alerts that can calm your frustrated customers.
It also has an easy tracking mechanism through which customers can track their orders without having to go through the hassle of tracking numbers and codes.

The top features of this app are:

  1. You can track your order status without any tracking number or code.
  2. Provide customers with an estimated delivery date.
  3. Provides customizable order lookup pages.
  4. The app has a 2-day free trial, and the standard plan starts from $7.99/month

20. Mienvio

This Shopify shipping platform offers worldwide shipping along with great customer service, an operation support team, and much more.

The top features of this app are:

  1. Helps track orders with an in-app tracking page
  2. There are no extra charges for pickup with a shipping label purchased via Mienvio
  3. It helps create shipping labels automatically.
  4. The app is free to install, and additional fees may be applicable if you are availing of a plan.

21. DCL Logistics

DCL Logistics has fulfillment centers in the USA, Canada, and Europe. This app allows merchants to send orders in real-time, saving time and confusion.

The top features of this app are:

  1. Facilities real-time orders 24/7 with shipping acknowledgements.
  2. Once shipped, vendors get all the confirmation details, including shipping data
  3. Works with Skubana, Big commerce, Woocommerce, amazon, target, NetSuite
  4. The app has a free plan that helps you utilize its benefits without any upfront cost.

22. E‑Marketplace Services (EMS)

The app offers the lowest shipping prices for Canadian sellers regardless of the sales volume.
Moreover, with this app, you can manage multiple stores in one single interface and automatically synchronize all your products for every store.

The top features of this app are:

  1. Syncs your orders across multiple sales channels.
  2. Offers greatly discounted shipping rates for all customers.
  3. Has a live shipping rate calculator for your cart.
  4. Automatically calculates shipping rates when the order is complete.
  5. Synchronizes inventory quantity across various sales channels.
  6. The app has a free plan that comes with free installation.

23. Order Custom Tracker

This app allows you to send custom order updates to your customers.
The app also shows the Order Lookup form so that your customers can check the status of their orders, even if they don’t have an account in your store.

The top features of this app are:

  1. Unlimited order status updates for each order.
  2. Attach the order status form on any of your store pages.
  3. Customers don’t need to log in to know the order status.
  4. The order status can be tracked through the order ID
  5. The basic plan of the app starts from $6/month.

24. eFulfillment Service

This is an all-in-one app. It receives your orders, picks, packs, and ships them.
It also sends tracking updates while maintaining inventory via synchronized stock counts.
Moreover, with this app, you can remain tension-free because it monitors inventories, orders, and shipments.
It also checks inventory levels, sends you alerts, and forecasts production needs.

The top features of this app are:

  1. Receives orders for fulfillment and sends out tracking updates.
  2. Sync stock levels for the inventories available.
  3. The app is free of cost.

25. Ship, Rate & Track

The app is integrated with Fedx to provide you access to shipping & other services.
It also prints shipping labels and sends real-time shipping rates to avoid overcharging and undercharging your customers.

Top Features of the App:

  1. Fedx-certified shipping app.
  2. Prints shipping labels for your business.
  3. Fulfills the orders and sends FedEx tracking details to your customers.
  4. The app has a 15 day free trial, after which it is priced at $19/month

26. Shopify Shipment Tracking and Notification App

Want to track your Shopify shipments without any hassle? This app is the best for your needs.
It helps track all your shipments within Shopify and sorts packages based on in transit, out for delivery, delivered, and exception, allowing you to resolve delivery incidents faster.

Top Features of the App:

  1. Monitors order progress and takes action if the order is delayed
  2. Email customers about in transit, out for delivery, delivered, and exception details.
  3. Give you a branded order look-up page
  4. It has a 7-day free trial. The starter plan is $9/month, and the unlimited is $99/month

Wrapping Up

Order tracking is a crucial component of any ecommerce business or brand. Positive customer experience ensures that they keep coming back to your site for future purchases.
With the above list of the best Shopify order tracking apps, you can choose the one that suits your business requirements appropriately.
No matter how hard operating a business is, Shopify brings you the best apps in order to enrich your experience and stand with you every step of the way to provide the best services.
Track your order the right way with Shopify order tracking apps!


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