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1.Appstle Subscriptions App

This Shopify subscription app offers useful merchant tools to set up and manage subscriptions seamlessly. It further covers loyalty benefits, churn control, 1-click checkout, and more. Some of the key features of this Shopify app are:

  • Offer prepaid subscriptions with a free trial and build-a-box option
  • Well-optimized customer portal that comes with one-click login and quick action links
  • Help customers check their subscription status and make necessary modifications
  • Offer loyalty features like tiered discounts, gifts, custom shipping, and more
  • Boost ROI with the help of upsells, bulk automation, bundling, retention tools, and other features

You can try the free plan for a limited period or choose the affordable one specially designed for small subscriber bases.

2.Bold Subscriptions

This is considered one of the best subscription apps for Shopify stores. It allows you to add subscriptions to not just one product but your entire store. You can customize the subscription pages as per your preference. Moreover, it lets you use APIs to extend subscriptions anywhere. Some of the major features of this Shopify subscription app are:

  • Robust customer portal to offer seamless experience to the subscribers
  • Availability of out-of-the-box core features
  • Cancellation flows and automatic dunning management to boost subscriber retention
  • Support for same-day migration from other subscription apps on Shopify and other platforms
  • Better compatibility with Shopify discount codes

It comes with a free trial of 60 days. Most merchants use this to manage recurring payments.

3.Seal Subscriptions App

With this easy-to-use app, introducing flexible subscription models to your business becomes a piece of cake. Seal Subscriptions offers complete control over your products, subscribers, discounts, subscription boxes, churn rate, and more. Also, it has an efficient support team to help with cancellations. Some of the major features of this app are:

  • Automated customer invoice generation
  • Consistent communication with each order
  • Easy to track canceled subscriptions and failed payments
  • Useful mobile-optimized subscription widgets
  • Performance evaluation supported with detailed data visualization

The free plan is available for up to 150 subscribers. It can reduce your manual workload to a great extent.

4.Recurpay Subscriptions App

This Shopify subscription works flawlessly for businesses of all sizes. With powerful APIs, incredible support, migration assistance, and multicurrency flexibility, you can ensure recurring payments from your subscribers using this tool. It has a multilingual customer portal helps you manage subscriptions without relying much on support calls. Some of its highlighting features are:

  • Receive automated recurring payments and orders
  • Integrate the app easily with Shopify Checkout
  • Set up email notifications for various events with ease
  • Effortlessly manage mixed subscriptions at the same time
  • A variety of discounts for all subscription orders

It is popular among merchants for its ability to handle complex subscription models.

5.RecurrinGO! Subscriptions App

If you want to set up a subscription model with flexible payment plans, this is one of your business’s best Shopify subscription apps. You can boost your recurring sales with this app. Also, it makes subscription management effortless with automated periodic invoice generation. Some of the key features of this subscription app are:

  • Offer flexible discount options along with prepaid and pay-per-delivery subscriptions
  • Get proper analytics for customer subscriptions and subscription rules
  • Ability to customize every parameter
  • Easy management of cancellation and dunning
  • An easy-to-handle customer portal that helps retain and engage customers

Merchants usually get this tool from the Shopify app store for automated billing, seamless integration, and compatibility with various payment systems

6.Native Subscription App

This app allows you to set up an efficient subscription management system and boost sales. Add a subscription widget next to the “Add to Cart” button. It also enables customers to pause, skip, or cancel their subscriptions without any complication at their convenience. The analytics part helps you get necessary updates regarding existing and canceled subscriptions. Here are

  • Customers can choose prepaid subscriptions or choose to pay as they go
  • No limit on the number of subscriptions
  • Unlimited number of orders/products
  • Seamlessly migrate from other apps
  • Set fixed or percentage discounts on subscription products

It also has an efficient support team to fix your problem instantly.

7.Paywhirl Subscription Payments

Like most Shopify subscription apps mentioned in this article, Paywhirl also offers an excellent subscription management system, a user-friendly interface, and efficient customer service. It is also known for its regular feature updates, easy scheduling options, and flexibility. It also comes with advanced APIs, workflow tools, and webhooks. Some of the key features of this Shopify subscription app are:

  • Compatible with PayPal Expres, Shopify Payments, Shop Pay,, and Apple Pay
  • Feature to save customer payment methods for quick checkout
  • Automatic bill generation as per the frequency chosen by the customer
  • Unlimited subscriptions for every plan
  • Option for one-time and recurring payments

You can set up a subscription model using this app in minutes. It also conforms to the theme of your online store.

8.Ongoing Subscriptions

Made in the US, this app comes with premium recurring billing services for Shopify businesses like yours. The “Build-a-Box” feature allows customers to subscribe to multiple products simultaneously. It can also help increase the average order value. You can also get upsell incentives like minimum order amount, product bundling, discounts based on frequency, and more. Some other key features of this Shopify subscription app are:

  • One-click installation and seamless experience
  • Intuitive customer portal to manage all your subscriptions with ease
  • Follows all the GDPR guidelines, even though it is made in America
  • The option of mixed subscriptions as well as one-time purchases in the cart
  • Easy to set up recurring payments or prepaid subscription plans

The user-friendly interface and seamless site integration make it one of the best subscription apps for Shopify.

9.Loop Subscriptions

This Shopify subscription app is popular among merchants for its customizable subscription solution. Using this app, you can create an interesting subscription experience for your brand through gamification. Also, the subscription widget on this app does not impact the loading speed of product pages. This also helps you automate and personalize discounts for your subscribers. Some key features of this app are:

  • Customers can easily skip, pause, or reschedule orders
  • Create subscription boxes for memberships, digital products, and physical products
  • Migrate easily from other subscription platforms
  • Incentivize customer loyalty with tiered discounts
  • Get new features added every week

The centralized dashboard makes it easier to manage subscription orders.

10.Recharge Subscriptions

Many Shopify businesses prefer this subscription app for its user-friendly interface, a wide variety of features, and insightful analytics. It allows you to add the “Subscribe and Save” feature to your online store in just a few minutes. Recharge Subscriptions also lets the customers personalize and manage their subscriptions from their mobile devices. Some of the key features of this Shopify subscription app are:

  • Easily integrates with top apps like Yotpo, Klaviyo, Gorgias, and others
  • Automatic notifications to help update the customers
  • Automatic payment retries if the transaction failed
  • Compatible with Shopify Payments and Shopify Checkout
  • Intuitive performance analytics dashboard

If you want to sell subscriptions to generate automatic recurring payments, this is a great option.

11.Timo Subscriptions

If you are looking for free subscription apps, you need to check out Timo. It makes recurring payments management completely effortless. It also features a native checkout experience, along with easy discount control. The app requires only a few minutes for subscription setup. You can boost customer lifetime value with personalized subscription plans on your product pages. Key features of this app include:

  • Easily adjust products or quantities of an existing subscription plan
  • Both merchants and customers can manage subscriptions from their ends
  • Easily configure and manage the subscription plans
  • Single cart for both one-time and recurring payments
  • Customers have the option to subscribe to multiple items in the same cart

Even though this app offers only a free plan, it still manages to cover a lot of features the premium apps have to offer.

12.Rekaching Subscriptions

This Shopify app allows you to boost sales with the option to sell subscriptions to customers. It is straightforward to set up. It even lets you integrate a customer portal to your customer’s account, email, and thank you page. Boost customer lifetime value with this app. It comes with 24/7 customer support and is available in multiple languages. Some of the key highlights of this app are mentioned below:

  • Offers you a customizable subscription widget as per your choice
  • Sends email notifications for failed payments and retries billing
  • Intuitive customer portal for easy management of the subscription apps
  • Create flexible subscription plans and offer different options
  • Compatible with the latest themes

It can be quite useful if enhancing customer loyalty is your ultimate goal.

13.Propel Subscription App

This user-friendly Shopify app can help improve your subscription business plan with fantastic features. It lets you quickly offer any item from your product page via a recurring subscription. You only need to set the billing interval after choosing the product. The tool will do the rest for you. The mobile-first subscription picket allows you to convert more customers into paying subscribers. Some of the major highlights of the tool are:

  • It brings down the number of support tickets by enabling customers to manage their subscriptions
  • Automatic bill generation as per the chosen billing interval
  • Option to bill subscriptions on the same to simplify operations
  • Incentivizes loyal customers by rewarding significant discounts
  • Advanced email notifications to enhance communications with customers

Seamless integration and amazing features make this one of the best subscription apps for Shopify businesses.

14.Skio Subscriptions

This premium subscription app is a bit more expensive than most names mentioned in this article. However, it delivers many more features and advantages over an average Shopify subscription app. You can automate the subscription order for individual customers. It allows you to partner with a team from popular platforms like Recharge, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Klaviyo, and more. Some of the key features of this business are:

  • Easy migration to 1-click Shopify Checkout from other platforms
  • Passwordless login to help reduce customer tickets
  • Get a better understanding of recurring revenue with the Skio Data Platform
  • A conditional cancel flow to reduce churn
  • Offers group subscription discounts

This is ideal for those who do not have a problem investing a significant amount in a Shopify app.

15.Yopto Subscriptions

Boost your customer engagement and recurring revenue by getting this tool from the Shopify app store. This is the newest addition to the popular Yopto Suite of tools. While it is significantly easier to incorporate a subscription business model with Yopto, you also get features like smooth catalog management, robust analytics, and more. The other major highlights of this app are:

  • Allows customers to manage their subscriptions for a seamless experience
  • Sends out automated notifications to keep the customers updated about the subscription program
  • Efficient customer support to improve your customer retention
  • Migrate data from similar subscription apps without any hassle
  • Smooth checkout experience for customers

You can use the free plan at the beginning. However, monthly fees will be applicable when you exceed the monthly subscription sales of $500.


As you may have noticed, some features are common for most apps. So, you must decide which Shopify subscription app is for your business. Since most of these apps come with free trials, you can try them yourself and see which works best for your business.


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