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1.Wholesale Club by Pixel Union

This Shopify Wholesale app is now known as B2B Wholesale Club.

Wholesale Club strengthens your B2B operations by providing efficient wholesale pricing. This app enables the simple tagging of B2B customers, granting them access to exclusive wholesale pricing. Furthermore, it’s equipped with advanced wholesale features such as net payment terms, rapid order forms, tailored pricing, order minimums, volume discounts, quantity breaks, refined product visibility, and more.

It encompasses all the essential components required for successful wholesale selling.

2.Wholesale Gorilla

Development of Wholesale Gorilla is done by a group of wholesale merchants who know the challenges faced by wholesalers. Easy-to-use interface & setup, high-powered features, and smooth and fast customer support, the app is trusted by more than 14,000 stores. You can offer wholesale pricing, volume and quantity discounts, custom shipping rates, net terms, order forms, limits, etc.

Wholesale gorilla offers a 30-day free trial for $ 39.95 a month and also pro plans with advanced features.

3.Separate Wholesale Storefront on Shopify

You can extend your online store to a wholesale storefront on Shopify to effectively cater to B2B wholesale customers and expand your sales.
You can easily set up a wholesale store by installing wholesale Shopify apps. Set up wholesale pricing and create customer groups for segmenting retail and wholesale customers as per your desire. Now, configure access by setting up customer accounts to restrict access to the wholesale storefront, requiring approval or unique login details. Then add Wholesale Products and assign pricing. Next, you can implement ordering tools like Bulk ordering, Quick order forms, etc.

After all this process, test your wholesale storefront before making it live. Upon successful testing and launch, notify existing customers about the new storefront.

4.Wholesale Pricing Discount by Wholesale Helper

Wholesale Pricing Discount lets users create and run a Business-to-Business wholesale store. Merchants can offer unlimited discounts to their customers, selective customers on specific products, or whole stores. Volume/tiered pricing, quantity breaks for bulk, customizable wholesale signup form, and flexible payment options like Net 30/60/90.

Paid plan for WPD starts from $19.99/month, offering a 21-day free trial.

5.Charge Me Later, Wholesale app

The Charge Me Later, Wholesale app facilitates a unique approach to customer orders by granting them the ability to create orders without an immediate payment requirement. Customers are given the choice to either pay upfront or defer payment. It allows you to effortlessly send invoices to customers on-demand, whether manually or automatically triggered. The app’s user-friendly nature extends to its “Pay Now” or “Pay Later” options, granting customers a seamless experience. Furthermore, the wholesale app offers complimentary support for installation and configuration, ensuring a smooth integration process.

6.Wholesaler by Microapps

The Wholesaler app by Microapps helps you create a discount group, set wholesale and custom prices, and add customers. The app has some impressive attributes for its users. Wholesaler boasts an array of impressive features, including the NET/TERMS checkout and the ability to override shipping and charges for wholesalers. It offers Streamlined inventory management. The wholesaler makes inventory management effortless. You’re free to use any application without worrying about wholesale activities affecting your stock.

7.Wholesale Pricing Now

With Wholesale Pricing Now, give your top-tier customers wholesale, volume, tiered, and VIP pricing seamlessly, all within the same store framework. Effortlessly define wholesale prices for customers with no intricate setup or developer assistance. Enjoy advanced features, such as net orders and precise product pricing. In addition, you can easily showcase tiered pricing tables directly on product pages and extend wholesale discounts to particular products, collections, or your entire store.

8.Bold Custom Pricing

As the name suggests, this wholesale app aims at providing customer pricing solutions for wholesale customers on the Shopify stores. The main features of the app are Tiered Pricing, Quantity Discounts, Min and Max Order Quantities, Customers Segmentation, and Specific Pricing.

The app offers various plans starting from $20/month with a 14-day free trial.

9.Wholesale Pricing Manager

The Wholesale Pricing Manager is developed by SpurIT. This wholesale app provides essential tools for efficiently overseeing your wholesale store and membership segments: automated tagging, email marketing capabilities, limitless wholesale statuses, and adaptable configurations. Establish various membership categories wherein members can access your products at reduced prices.

10.Wholesale Lock Manager

The wholesale lock manager, WLM, locks the visibility of products or web pages of your online store. You can customize or create groups of your customers and then secure the pages and products you do not want to access them. You can hide products, URLs, web pages, collections, prices, or whole storefronts from a specific set of customers. You can either use simple locks or password protection with a code to access those pages.

Paid plan starts from $6.99/ month with an 8-day free trial.

11.Wholesale Pricing Now WOD

Wholesale Pricing Now streamlines the wholesale management process for Shopify store owners. This app comes with a special pricing system designed for wholesalers, encouraging more purchases by offering tiered discounts. It is a game-changing app because it effortlessly integrates wholesale and custom pricing right into your main store, saving you from the struggle of dealing with different wholesale sites or duplicate product variants. And the best part? It works perfectly with AJAX carts, so you don’t need to bother with entering discount codes anymore.

12.Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder

Wholesale Order Form and ReOrder (WOF) is your solution for creating a super user-friendly single-page order form on your Shopify store. It lets both your retail and B2B wholesale customers easily toss multiple items into their shopping carts with just a few clicks. Not only that, it makes reordering a breeze and greatly improves the customer experience by cutting down on those annoying page refreshes. By accepting bulk orders through this quick order form, you will boost your revenue and make your customers have a smooth and hassle-free ordering process at your online store.

13.Wholesale Catalog Maker

The All-In-One Wholesale Catalog is here to make wholesale a breeze for businesses of all shapes and sizes. This app is your one-stop shop for handling the entire wholesale journey, and it’s got three major tools to do the heavy lifting: a catalog creator, a line sheet viewer, and a wholesale order form. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to get things rolling. The drag-and-drop builder with ready-to-use templates is your secret weapon for simplifying the whole process.

14.Wholesale Simplified

This app allows you to create special discounts for specific wholesale customers. It is a powerful tool that streamlines creating and managing different sorts of discounts and pricing rules for wholesale buyers. You can set various discounts based on the group customers belong to. You are free to create endless discount rules through this app. Wholesale Simplified makes it easy to run enticing promotions to attract more customers and increase your sales.

15.Wholesale ‑ All-in-one

As the name says, Wholesale – All-in-one is a complete app that lets you create discounts, Wholesale pricing, and Tiered Pricing for a particular group of products and customers. You can create special discounts for all of your customers or the ones you categorized with tags.

16.Wholesale2b Dropshipping

Discover top-selling products, increase your profits, and supercharge your Shopify business in no time using Wholesale2b Dropshipping. You can explore a vast selection of dropship-ready items across various categories and instantly add them to your Shopify store. Start generating a steady stream of income, whether you’re actively involved or taking a more hands-off approach without stocking inventory. You can also tailor your products for optimal results and give your store a distinctive touch. Plus, the fulfillment team takes care of your orders, so you can focus on what matters most.

17.Wholesale + Ambassador Form

You get a bunch of awesome features to level up your wholesaling game in this app. Imagine this – you can use the Discount + Contact Forms to collect important documents effortlessly, add star ratings and reviews, set up custom pricing for refunds, and even create registration and sign-up forms. It’s a one-stop solution to make your life easier. And wait, there’s more! The Ambassador Form Builder makes managing ambassador requests and building brand influencers a breeze. You can customize fields to gather all sorts of data. Plus, the Registration + Quote Forms allow you to tailor your business experience by using quote forms and custom discount pricing structures for your customers. It’s like having your own personal business toolkit right at your fingertips!

18.Wholesale Hero & B2B Pricing

Supercharge your wholesale business with the amazing features of this app! Wholesale Hero lets you set up multiple wholesale discounts for bulk orders and sell wholesale products like a pro. You can create tiered pricing for your wholesale items, making it a breeze to offer different prices to individual customers on their bulk purchases. And that’s not all! You can also provide custom pricing and wholesale personalized pricing on those big orders, which is sure to boost your conversion rates. This app comes packed with features like wholesale tier pricing, custom pricing options, and multiple pricing choices.

19.Wholesale/Retail Catalog Maker

Access all the tools to effortlessly produce printable (PDF) and digital content for your store, even if you’re not a design expert. This Catalog Maker app streamlines the process of crafting digital catalogs to showcase your latest collections to your customers. Running a wholesale business can be a time-consuming task, but with this app, you can save time and enhance your professional image with tools tailored for wholesale operations. Above all, if you’re gearing up for a tradeshow, you can easily print your catalog, line sheets, and order forms.

20.MagicPass Wholesale

MagicPass is a magical software for wholesale website owners on Shopify. It lets you add a password to individual pages of your website. This creates a membership program that filters the genuinely interested users and cuts the clutter. You can also apply a discount code on login for easy wholesaling.

21.B2B/Wholesale Solution

The B2B/Wholesale Solution provides an all-in-one approach for merchants seeking to streamline their wholesale business. The platform ensures a smooth shopping experience for B2B customers, all the while empowering merchants to oversee and extract valuable insights from their wholesale clientele. A standout feature of this app is the capability to provide tailored pricing for specific products. This high degree of personalization fosters robust, enduring relationships with customers and beyond.

22.Revamp CRM ‑ Track & Segment

Revamp CRM is a great app to increase your sales by understanding your customers. With this app, you can grow the number of repeat purchases at your store and track your B2B and B2C customer profiles. This app will act as a central repository for all your orders, tasks, emails, opportunities, and notes of the customer profiles.


Wholster is a B2B platform that completely integrates with your Shopify store. It comes with a complete toolkit that includes quick bulk order creation, customer-specific pricing, etc. for wholesale ordering for both the suppliers and the store buyers. You can save time managing your accounts through simple net payment terms & automated processing of vaulted payment methods.

Is Shopify a Good Option for Wholesale?

Yes, Shopify is a good option for wholesale. Brands and manufacturers manage their B2B sales and increase their exposure to customers with the help of the Shopify wholesale channel. Users can choose either Shopify’s Handshake Marketplace or create a wholesale channel that will be a password-protected storefront. Shopify’s separate collection of wholesale items, custom landing pages for wholesale customers, inventory management tools, and different apps and integration make it very useful for wholesale businesses.

Benefits of Selling Wholesale on Shopify

We all know wholesale prices are different from market rates. Wholesale items are sold in bulk, and their customers are businesses only, i.e., B2B concept. The wholesale app Shopify allows users to offer the same products to wholesalers at different or much lower prices. To cut it short, this is creating a different storefront in the expansion of your existing online storefront. Obviously, expanding a business always gives benefits. Now coming to the point – the benefits of selling wholesale on Shopify.

  1. Increased Sales – Wholesaling brings new customers to your business, which increases sales. But here, the catch is you don’t put extra money into market spend to acquire customers. We see the CAC is saved, eventually increasing the profit.
  2. Bulk Orders – Wholesale customers often place bulk orders. Bulk orders help in reducing production costs due to efficient manufacturing.
  3. Consistent Revenue Stream – Wholesale customers are regular, which ensures a consistent revenue stream.

Branding – In wholesale business, your clients will be retailers or distributors, and they will give exposure to your business. You have total control over branding as you can present your brand how to want to be presented to keep a good reputation and image across all channels.
There are other benefits too, such as scalability, relationship building, wider market reach, and more.

Wrapping up

Using the right wholesale apps on Shopify can help make your Shopify store better and more attractive for customers. In this blog, we shared a list of some useful Shopify wholesale apps that Shopify business owners can use.
Hopefully, this was helpful.


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