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1. Shogun Landing Page Builder App

A popular and easy-to-use landing page builder known for supporting multiple page types. It is a commonly opted tool in the Shopify marketplace.

Certified for Shopify Plus, the page-building tool has many templates and tools. The tool’s use is not limited to creating landing pages, but it can be used to create standard pages, including blog pages, home page design, and multiple product pages. It benefits a Shopify store with limited stock and a compact website.

The drag-and-drop editor adds flexibility in creating beautiful designs and adding features that make the shopping experience pleasant for your customers.

Moreover, the page builder app allows users to create SEO-friendly pages, increasing the page’s potential to rank organically.

Shogun also allows A/B testing of different page versions to help understand which ones convert better. It is an easy page builder that empowers Shopify stores to create landing pages with high conversion potential.

Key Features of Shogun Landing Page Builder App

  • A massive website elements library to choose proven templates and Shopify themes from
  • SEO optimization feature (add meta description, etc.)
  • Image compression feature to make the landing pages light and faster to load
  • Third-party integrations are available
  • Shopify Plus support


  • The tool offers a 10-day free trial period
  • The Build Plan at $39/month can be used to publish up to 25 pages
  • The Measure Plan at $99/month) can be used to publish up to 100 pages
  • Optimize Plan at $149/month) can be used to publish up to 200 pages
  • The tool offers no free plan

2. GemPages Landing Page Builder App

Build an extensive range of landing pages without having to code a line. GemPages is a simple yet highly effective language page builder that allows Shopify store owners to create customized landing pages. The drag-and-drop editor features save time as you do not have to build the page from scratch.

You can even add images, videos, and features of your choice. The templates can be customized to meet specific page types or multiple collection page needs. The templates are mobile-responsive and work seamlessly with the latest Shopify themes.

It is also regarded among the best Shopify page builders for its countdown feature, which is incredibly useful during flash sales to inflict FOMO on shoppers.

The edit-to-layout feature powered by AI makes it possible to convert an image into an editable page layout.

If dynamic blog posting is a crucial part of your marketing strategies, the tool offers the feature to build landing pages that can be used as blog pages.

Key Features of GemPages Landing Page Builder App

  • Various built-in conversion-driven elements
  • Facebook Pixel and Google Shopping syncing
  • AI-powered image-to-layout feature that converts a screenshot into an editable page design layout
  • SEO optimization feature is built-in to help search engines find your web pages easily
  • There is a plethora of third-party app integrations
  • Stock counter and countdown timer feature
  • A Large number of templates are available that can be used to build landing pages for a wide range of industries


  • Free plan with basic features
  • The Build Plan at $29/month
  • Optimize Plan at $59/month
  • Enterprise Plan at $199/month

3. Tapita Landing Page Builder

A super-effective all-in-one pages builder that is versatile and can instantly launch your Shopify store’s functional home page, collection pages, and conversion-optimized landing pages. The drag-and-drop feature enables available templates to create gorgeous landing pages.

The features of the page builder don’t end there. Shop owners can also use the built-in widget builder to create engaging pop-ups and promotional bars.

Additionally, the ChatGPT integration enables Shopify store owners to create customized content suitable for each page using AI.

Each page can be translated into multiple languages, allowing your landing pages to attract customers worldwide on individual store pages.

Page speed optimization is easy, and the page builder also gives the feasibility of lazy loading options. Store owners can add CSS, HTML, and JavaScript if required.

Key Features of Tapita Landing Page Builder

  • One-click translation for multiple languages
  • Wide page of templates for Shopify landing page design
  • User-friendly interface that makes creating new pages an easy and hassle-free process
  • Can integrate with your marketing tools and strategies


  • The free plan includes support for all page types and has countless elements to make page building easy
  • The starter plan at $9/month has more widget builder options and a translation feature
  • Advanced plans have premium features like ChatGPT extension, and pricing is calculated based on your requirements

4. Buildify Drag & Drop Builder

Contrary to other page builder apps listed, the Buildify Drag & Drop Builder is different as it extensively uses the drag-and-drop feature to create landing pages.

This Shopify page builder requires no coding skills, making it possible for people without a coding background to create a landing page using pre-made templates.

Buildify offers outstanding features, including a progress bar, grid system, analytics, and a countdown timer that can effortlessly encourage shoppers to buy more.

These features are crucial when your landing page website hosts event sales during Christmas, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, etc.

The builder features include adding social media buttons on these pages that redirect customers to your social media handles where they can like, comment, and follow you for regular updates.

Key Features of Buildify Drag & Drop Builder

  • Simple Shopify landing pages builder
  • It can be used to create conversion-driven landing pages as well as web pages for displaying information
  • Widget features that can give that extra push to convert window shoppers into loyal customers
  • Insights and reporting features ensure you are aware of customer behavior and can change the layout of Shopify pages to improve conversions
  • The extensive element library ensures you have plenty of inspiration to add to your product pages


  • A 7-day free trial is available
  • The free plan gives basic features that make building your landing pages easy; only one page can be published.
  • Paid packages start at $12.99/month, giving Shopify store owners to publish up to 15 landing pages.

5. Zipify Pages Builder-Editor

A major characteristic of best landing pages is their ability to create strategic sales funnels, product pages, and landing pages. The tool can design different page types, from sales to product to landing pages.

Other outstanding features include the tool having plenty of templates that are conversion-driven. It ensures your online store can successfully implement page sections highlighting what the target audience wants.

Like most Shopify store page builder apps, Zipify has a drag-and-drop feature, allowing users to create landing pages without hassles.

The platform also offers split testing to ascertain if your current marketing sales strategies are working or need to be tweaked to attract more conversions.

The dashboard is highly detailed, clearly outlining key page metrics, store speed, and comparing data to create a pragmatic sales forecast and scope for improvements.

Key Features of Zipify Pages Builder-Editor

  • Mobile-optimized templates that are sure to attract conversions
  • Countdown timers and lightboxes for strategic customer engagement
  • Split testing that highlights in real-time how the page design is performing
  • Easy to use
  • It can integrate with other Shopify apps


  • 14-day free trial
  • Basic Plan at $67/month
  • Plus Plan at $97/month

6. EComposer Landing Pages Builder App

A simple drag-and-drop page builder that makes creating landing pages easy and time-efficient. Aside from creating fantastic product pages, the app can create category pages, blogs, FAQs, and the About Us section, eliminating the need for another web page builder.

There are plenty of templates to choose from. If you are inspired by any website design or have ideas for creating a unique landing page, you can customize them with EComposer. Customizing your store’s font can add a touch of detail.

The page builder is especially beneficial for businesses as it enables them to experiment and curate innovative designs that align with the brand well.

Key Features of EComposer Landing Pages Builder App

  • Supports all page types, including Homepage, product and collection, etc
  • Compatible with all types of Shopify themes
  • Pre-made layouts that make innovative customizations easier to test and implement
  • Built-in extension adding features including AJAX Cart, stock notifications, sticky add to cart, frequently bought together, etc


  • The free plan allows building three non-product pages
  • Basic plan at $14.99/month
  • Pro plan at $29.99/month
  • Premium plan at $59.99/month

Parting words

The best Shopify landing pages are designed with consideration to enhance shoppers’ experience and make your store’s landing page memorable.

At the same time, offers and loyalty programs bring customers back to shop again as they know your store will help them save money and feel rewarded for shopping.

These tools will help your brand sell more while adding a joyous experience to anyone’s shopping experience!


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