We talk and consult with many clients throughout the day and a common thing we look at are site bounce rates.

A bounce rate is one of the metrics that Project Managers / Designs – Developers look at when assessing a sites performance. With Google Analytics, a bounce is defined as a visitor that lands on just page of your site and leaves. Depending on your Analytics, a bounce can be someone on your site for 5 seconds or 30 seconds. Its important you understand the data you are seeing.

So whats a good bounce rate anyways?

The answer to this question is it depends. The more general the keyword phrase, the higher the bounce rate. The more specific your phrase, the lower the bounce rate. This is assuming your landing page copy is relevant.

20 % or less: Wow!

40 – 60 %: What we see on average

60 – 70 %: Its ok, we see it for some vague keywords (ie. Digital Cameras, Cameras)

80 %: Requires further evaluation

Keep in mind that the above are not universally accepted figures. This truly depends on the architecture and goals of the site. It also varies with PPC and SEO analytics data.

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