One of the first tough questions we faced when we think of creating a new website or we start a blog, is “which plugins I should add to my site” “Which are the best and most important WordPress plugins ” The WordPress plugin market has exploded in recent years and the WordPress plugin directory now lists over 20,000 of them. And searching Google for something like “top WordPress plugins” does not make the choice much easier. This high number of recommendations for free and easily available plugins everywhere can quickly lead into a trap, Instead of working on your new blog and producing valuable content you waste time browsing for plugins and in the end clutter your site with way too many of them.

Because of this trap it is maybe necessary to look at this question, Are plugins actually necessary on a brand new WordPress blog? Does WordPress not include everything you need to get to work in its core already and should plugins not stay out of the picture until an actual need for them arises later on.
Well, Some plugins help you create better content. It’s important to install them immediately on a new blog to make use of their benefits.

Never install any plugin you don’t really need on your blog and only look for plugins that solve a specific problem you actually have. Don’t make the mistake of starting to just “browse” around the WordPress plugin directory and installing everything that sounds cool or looks attractive.

Important plugins for a site or blog:

• A SEO plugin:  Improve your WordPress SEO,  Write better content and have a fully optimized WordPress site using the WordPress SEO plugin.

• A backup plugin: While losing a new site with only little content might not hurt as much as losing an established blog with lots of articles it still hurts a lot! Creating backups to restore your blog in case of an emergency.  “BackWPup” plugin, which will offer you lots of options including what to backup, where to save the backup (e.g. to your Dropbox account) and when to backup automatically.

• Analytics plugin: Even if your new site has no traffic yet starting to collect traffic and visitor data right away is important and since setting up an analytics plugin is very important.  Google “Google Analytics for WordPress” plugin  helps you in estimating the number of visitors and traffic to your website.

• A social bookmarking plugin: This doesn’t needs any description, as the name says social plugins are very important and also increases traffic to your website from FB, Twitter and other social websites.


Author: Lipika Sharma