Over the last few quarters this team has proven time and again that this is the strongest team there ever was. Our customers are our priority and how we treat them truly makes or breaks a customer’s faith in the company. This team has relentlessly worked on delivering the message of doing what’s right for the customer with exceptional passion and zeal.

Every little idea that comes out of this team is excellent and resonates strongly with the floor. Our intent is to build Customer Centric Culture and we need your support and dedication to achieve our mission.

We need to keep our “CUSTOMER FIRST”
Now the question is how we can keep our Customers First. So, the answer is very simple. We will do whatever is right for our Customers.

Our job isn’t simply to resolve each customer’s issue, it is also to make their experience as easy as possible. In the coming weeks we will introduce some trainings where we will explain the importance of Customer Effort Reduction and Simplification. We will also add the Customer Effort Scores in the Customer Experience Survey form through which we can measure our Customer Satisfaction.

What is Customer Effort Reduction?
What can we do to reduce customer effort and make life easier for our customers?

Now things that we can do in our day to day life to reduce Customer effort –

Pay Attention to Dissatisfied Customers – Allow information collected from dissatisfied customers to drive continuous improvement. You can protect future revenue by making changes based on their feedback and ensuring that other customers do not follow the same path.

Take feedback – To improve the performance of any activity, increase the frequency of feedback to those engaged in the activity; the more frequent the feedback, the better the results.
All organizational improvement begins with personal improvement, a passionate desire to learn by personal study, formal education, experience and mentoring.

What is Simplification?
Simplification is the process to simplify Customers and Representative lives. We need to optimize our expertise in offering end-to-end industry specific solutions to our clients.
Our customers are the most important part of everything we do. It is our joint responsibility for the quality, integrity and professionalism of the service that actively promotes the business and its objectives.

Going forward we will take key measures to enhance our customer experience such as :

Do the right thing – Whenever we call Customers, we will ensure that we provide him the best possible solution according to his/her requirement. We will not force the customer to purchase our service however we will explain the plan and terms and conditions and explain the benefits of sale.

After all, there is no better advertisement than a word of mouth. One happy customer can bring 10 other customers and in the end it will be a win- win situation for all of us.

Take Ownership – Taking responsibility and accountability for our actions is very important. Commit to the time lines. Take Best Time to Reach from our customers and call them at the said time. This is a great way to build trust with the customers by delivering your commitments.

Resolve or Escalate – The Buck doesn’t stop at you. It’s OK not to know everything but it is important to know how to get a solve. Use the tools, check with your peers, if you are still in doubt, and feel free to walk up to your manager to escalate the issue.

Delight the Customers – Customer delight is surprising a customer by exceeding his/her expectations and thus creating a positive emotional reaction. Customer Delight directly affects sales and profitability of a company as it helps to distinguish the company and its products and services from the competition. Go an extra mile. Provide an experience that is both useful and desirable and you will create demand for your brand. Delighted clients are a valuable source of advertisement for any organization.

Together we can make a difference and I will look forward to making the most of the momentum we have right now and taking wytlabs to greater heights in the days to come.

Stay tuned to know more…


Author: Gagandeep Ghai