With the exposure of SEO optimization techniques in internet world many people are making their websites SEO friendly from the beginning now-days. Optimization done on website by considering the advance algorithms of search engines helps the website to get ranked in search engines result pages. On the other hand Error Resolution performed on website will not only improve the performance but also make website fully optimized by meeting(W3C standards.)

Error Resolution Vs On Page Optimization
Many people believe that Error resolution and On page are two similar terms that can be changed according to the needs of the website. On fixing website technical errors such as html errors , minifying JavaScripts etc.. “Error Resolution” is the most commonly used phrase. However optimizing title, meta description etc.. of website pages “ On page” is a common term used also known as “On Page SEO Optimization”. I would like to share that due to increase in SEO activities in  past few years there is a myth observed all over the world that whatever technical optimization done on website will improve the overall authority of website on search engines which is not true. Parameters such as (meta description ,title ,heading tags , no follow tagging etc… ) helps website to get the authority on search engines in SEO prospects. However, Error Resolution fixations for (html errors  ,image compression ,minifying JavaScripts , CSS and Html files ,efficient use of browser caching  etc…) will only improve the website performance(Loading Time)


Author: Abhishek Bazieal