Internet marketing, also known as online advertising uses Internet to present their promotional marketing messages to consumers. Online Marketing includes email marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, many types of display advertising (web banner advertising) and mobile advertising.

We researched to know how exactly Google is generating profit these days.

We found that Google is generating his maximum revenue from online advertising. Pay-per-click is the main resource for Google to generate maximum profit


Advertising Revenue

Google’s made $53.58 billion last year and 97% of the total profit was from Adwords.

Google offers two type of advertising Adwords and AdSense.

Adwords is a program where companies pay to place their ads on certain websites and it generates 70 % of Google’s total profit.

AdSense is a platform where publishers can access those ads so that they make some money and contribute 30% of the profit.

The most expensive keywords in Google Adwords continue to be insurance and lawyer related with keywords like “mesothelioma lawyers”

Most 10 most Expensive Keywords categories


Insurance –Keyword Example “buy car insurance online” and “auto insurance price quotes”


Loans – Keyword Example “consolidate graduate student loans” and “cheapest homeowner loans”)


Mortgage – Keyword Example “refinanced second mortgages” and “remortgage with bad credit”)


Attorney – Keyword Example “personal injury attorney” and “dui defense attorney”)


Credit – Keyword Example “home equity line of credit” and “bad credit home buyer”


Lawyer – Keyword Example “personal injury lawyer,” “criminal defense lawyer”


Donate – Keyword Example “car donation centers,” “donating a used car”


Degree – Keyword Example “criminal justice degrees online,” “psychology bachelor’s degree online”)


Hosting – Keyword Example “hosting MS exchange,” “managed web hosting solution”)


Claim – Keyword Example “personal injury claim,” “accident claims no win no fee”


Top Industries Contributing to Google’s AdWord Revenue


  1. Finance & Insurance – $4.0 Billion
  2. Retailers & General Merchandise – $2.8
  3. Billion Travel & Tourism – $2.4 Billion
  4. Jobs & Education – $2.2 Billion
  5. Home & Garden— $2.1 Billion
  6. Computer & Consumer Electronics – $2.0 Billion
  7. Vehicles – $2.0 Billion
  8. Internet & Telecommunications – $1.7 Billion
  9. Business & Industrial – $1.6 Billion
  10. Occasions & Gifts – $1.2 Billion

Written by : Amit Tandon