Google maps can easily be termed as God’s gift to the modern-day traveller. Google Maps is now in its tenth year of operation having been launched in 2005 and there’s no telling how many travellers and how many kilometres Google maps has helped to navigate.

In marking ten years of service to travellers, the world’s largest search engine operator plans to make Google Maps available to travellers without an internet connection. Up until now, Google Maps has relied on internet connectivity to guide travellers who do not know the exact location of their destination. However, this has proven to be a problem especially in situations where travellers are headed to highly remote locations where getting an internet connection is more or less a pipe dream. The announcement that Google Maps is soon to be launched offline could not have come at a better time and should be music to the ears of every traveller. According to the Vice President of Engineering at Google, the offline launch of Google maps will ensure that travellers can navigate to their intended destination without having to worry about data charges as well as the reliability of their internet connection.

Google Maps app to launch offline

The announcement of Google Maps offline launch slated for a later date in the year was made during Google’s annual conference meant for software developers. While the offline application has some restrictions, it does allow the traveller to access some of the most important services available for a stress-free navigation. In addition to navigation, the offline app also offers travellers the option of going through reviews of their intended destination and other venues. App users will also be able to access turn-by-turn voice commands and directions with no internet connectivity as well as the autocomplete service. However, it was not made clear whether the auto complete feature will be universally accessible in the offline app, or it will be a reserve of specific regions.

Giving reason for the decision to launch Google Maps offline, representatives from the company asserted that this decision was arrived at after a careful evaluation of various real-life situations where access to the navigation app would be of great use, even without an internet connection. For example, tourists without a local data plan for the host country will not have to worry about getting lost once the offline app is launched. In the same breath, travellers unfortunate to be in a coverage dead spot such as an underground subway or basement parking garage will be able to download google maps on their hand-held device and get on with their journey after the launch of the offline app.

It was not immediately made clear whether the offline Google Maps app would be immediately available to internet users across the globe. However, the number one search engine operator asserted that the launch of the move to launch Google Maps online is meant to make it easier for people to travel and explore new places.

Google Maps boasts of more than a billion active users spread through all corners of the globe. The news of offline accessibility will definitely be a welcome idea among the users, many of whom cannot hold their anticipation. It is highly expected that the launch of the offline app will increase the number of app users. It will also be interesting to see how third party software developers and internet marketing companies such as wytlabs will react to this announcement and what impact this will have on their operations.