Change, as everyone says, is the most constant thing in our lives. There have been many things in this world which have changed, like from a landline to simple mobile phone; mobile phone to smart phones and the list goes on…

In the same way, changes have occurred in the field of marketing, actually not just marketing but everything around us. This change or evolution acquainted us with INTERNET.  There was a time when everything was manual but now it’s all online.

And the debate continues, whether Digital Marketing is overtaking Traditional Marketing?

The premise of traditional marketing is now being sum-up to a very limited area. There was a phase when ads in newspapers, magazines, radio commercials, brochure, etc. were in trend. They all were very effective modes of marketing until the introduction of internet. The real-time effect of internet on our professional and personal lives has made it easier to access anything anytime.

Digital marketing has made our lives so easy and convenient that we can find grocery item online, even. People can find jobs, add posts related to their business, apply complete digital advertising campaign, can join any social media network and advertise and interact with number of people at a single time. Even for enhancing our business, there are many digital marketing campaigns and tools which are just a click away. Digital marketing is moreover cost saving, time saving and provides real time results. People can share same communities and can interact anytime online at any place and the list goes on…

People these days stay more on all the digital marketing tools than on the streets. Due to its easy accessibility, engagement and quick awareness, it has become essential need for all. In short, the world has transitioned into a digital environment, from online magazines to online banking, online shopping, and online ticket bookings.

Digital marketing is speeding up with the development of today’s world!!!