Nowadays, Smartphone and tablet have become primary gadgets for the users. As their usage is increasing rapidly so, the importance of mobile-friendly websites is also increasing day by day.

Smartphones and tablets have influenced the approach towards website designing and user’s experience. However, before moving towards mobile devices with maximum web browsing capability, the designer has one primary challenge to deal with is to keep the same design of their website which the user usually see on their desktops.

Responsive website is basically an approach through which your website can get an increase in numbers of the viewer.

Advantages of Responsive website:

1. It is very flexible- As the content can be visualized in various screen resolution and in all the gadgets (smartphones,tablets etc.) As you open your website on the Smartphone or tablet, the screen resolution will be adjusted accordingly, provided that your website is mobile friendly.

2. It is very user-friendly – The users with internet access, the professional who are very busy in their day timings and the students can browse their website any time on their devices.

3. Mobile websites are recommended by the google – Formerly, if a website is ranking on the first page of Google then the rank will be same when viewed on desktop and mobile’s Google search engine. But now Google has changed the algorithm that implies that the ranking will remain same if the website is mobile-friendly or else the position of the website which is ranking on the desktop’ Google search engine will be different when viewed through mobile devices’ search engine. Or you can say that it will not be shown in the Google results when searched through mobile.

The reason behind this update is that google has observed that now most of the people are using Mobile devices more often than the desktop and laptop. The mobile devices’ traffic that visit the website, however due to lack of mobile friendly feature, bounces back and hence results in loss of inquiries.

So, google is coming up with an update which will indirectly help in growing the business by leaps and bounds and yes, it’s mandate for every website to be mobile-friendly.

4. Easy to manage- Responsive website is easy to manage as having a separate promotion of the website differently (means the desktop website and the mobile friendly website).It’s a plus point for the mobile-friendly websites when it comes to its promotion.

So, this is the primary advantage of the responsive website.
Post by Anchal Goomber