The use of mobile phones and other hand-held devices has gained immense popularity in recent times. This has created a new front for search engine optimization and new opportunities for website owners to generate traffic to their websites. In order to understand why and how mobile search is the next big driver to your traffic, here is a look at some of the statistics related to mobile marketing and mobile searches.

It is interesting to note that a large number of mobile phone users carry their phones almost everywhere, including the bathroom. About three-quarters of the mobile phone users in America admit that they take their phones with them to the bathroom. In a large number of cases, the owner of the phone will be browsing through social media sites, checking their email or even playing games while at the same time doing what took them to the bathroom. As a website owner, this creates ample time for you to reach prospective clients with a mobile marketing campaign. In the same breath, the fact that smart-phone users carry their phones everywhere simply means that there is a higher likelihood of the user reaching your website via a mobile device.

Another great reason why mobile search is the new avenue for website traffic generation is the fact that approximately eighty percent of consumers use their smart-phones and other hand-held devices to shop. The modern day smart-phone user has more or less turned their phone into a credit card. From ordering for pizza deliveries from the local pizzeria to buying electronics and related accessories from sites such as Amazon and Ebay, a smart-phone is all that’s needed. Because smart-phone users will use mobile search to identify online stores and websites that stock their desired product, it is very easy for mobile search to generate additional website traffic that can easily turn into conversions.


Closely related to this is the fact that almost half the numbers of smart-phone users who shop via their phones use the same phones to carry out research on a product before they pay for it. In a large number of cases, the online search referred to, is done inside the store as the customer continues to shop. The typical shopper will look for three different online sources of information on a new product before deciding whether or not to make the purchase. A website owner who chooses to ignore mobile search engine optimization puts him or herself at a disadvantage and stands to lose out on a large portion of web traffic.

Last but not least, mobile search is the next big thing in web traffic generation thanks to the higher conversion rates associated with mobile oriented searches. An internet user who finds an online business through a mobile/hand-held device is three times more likely to make a purchase than an internet user who finds the business from their computer or desktop. This is for the simple reason that mobile users are always on the go, and as such will always browse the internet with a specific intention. On the other hand, internet users who get online via a laptop often browse the web to satisfy their curiosity about a particular product or service.

From the above discussion, it is quite clear that mobile/handheld devices are the new battlefront for website owners looking to increase traffic to their respective websites. Don’t be left behind. Talk to the internet marketing experts at wytlabs for further insights on mobile search and mobile marketing.