Use Power Words!

There are a number of power words that assist in sales. Power words oftentimes fill in the gaps between keywords and are useful to creating headlines and copy. Power words can instigate an emotional response that will translate into a sale or support for your business. Some examples of descriptive power words are:


Verbs, or action words, are always considered power words. Examples of these include:


The list of power words is expansive. Be sure to conduct research on power words to get an understanding of what provokes a reaction from your online visitors. Research is consistently the foundation for successful online marketing. Once you understand all the elements that are part of the process, creating copy will become second hand.

Online marketing can be trickier than traditional marketing because most of your communication is exclusively text based. Copy should be the focus even if your business develops a great online video; visitors will only click play if your headlines and text are actually captivating. Power words are one way to ensure your headlines are actually appealing to visitors on an emotional level, and not just based on context.

There should be a balance between keywords and power words because each supplies one form of appeal to visitors. Keywords provide the technical specific information that a visitor may be looking for, while power words make a positive difference between a visitor staying on the site or leaving or choosing your site over another. Even though the Internet in many ways inhibits personal interaction it is always wise to remember your site depends on actual humans to be successful. So all site context should be appealing on an emotional level, not just on a technical one.

Ultimately, power words are really about making an impact on your visitor. Creativity is always sure to make an impact so when all else fails, be creative! Expand your vocabulary and don’t use words that are excessively common to other sites. While certain words may be successful for certain businesses they law of diminishing returns is sure to prove difficult to overcome. That is why it is always important to remember that power words are powerful if there is also a certain level of rarity in them.