• Real estate searches have nearly tripled over the last several years.
  • Google searches for real estate have grown over 20% each year since 2008.
  • 90% of prospective home buyers search for homes online.
  • More than half of all home buyers search online first.
  • 89% of new home buyers search using a mobile device.
  • Is your website mobile optimized?
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What is SEO and its importance

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO is a series of processes to optimize your website performance to rank higher with search engines. Ranking higher for search terms (keywords) increases your visibility and traffic. If a prospect is searching for your services or listing and you don't show up, you are losing business!

Its Importance

Consider your website as your online real estate. If you’ve designed, developed and launched your real estate website and looking for that first-page spot on Google and the leads to pour in, you need to be optimized in the right way.

All search engines index content on the web so that whenever a prospective buyer does a property search, the most relevant pages come up first. In essence, executing the best search engine optimization tactics is how you push your real estate website to the top. It’s how it flourishes.

The right SEO strategy could result in thousands of new prospects and boost your conversion!

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Why Wytlabs?

At Wytlabs, our organic search motto is simple. Rank you the highest for relevant searches and convert prospects into clients!

How do we do it?


We identify your exact target audience by selecting relevant keywords on your website. So the next time a homebuyer does a search within your listings, you rank first!

Hyper Local

95% of first time homebuyers start online to find their first home and nearly 70% of those search based on a specific location. With our hyper-local formula you will always stay relevant within your search radius!


Utilizing the right technologies, our strategy is always one-step ahead of Google’s ever changing algorithms and updates.

Optimized IDX searches

While IDX makes searching within your website easier for users, it will not improve your website’s ranking on search engines without additional optimization. We got you covered!

Driven Content

From writing SEO-friendly blogs to online content, our team specializes in writing content for your market & industry!

Mobile Optimization

Research states 91% of home buyers use a mobile device during the buying process. A mobile optimized website will always rank higher. We make sure your website is optimized across all devices resulting in a great user experience

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Successful Realtors

700 %
Qualified Leads






  • No. of Keywords 10
  • Search Engine Submission 10
  • Backlinks 50
  • Directory Submissions 10
  • Classified Submission 05
  • XML Sitemap Validation
  • Robots.txt Validation
  • Blog Bookmarking
  • Article Submission
  • Content Optimization Suggestion
  • Link Analysis



  • No. of Keywords 20
  • Search Engine Submission 12
  • Backlinks 70
  • Directory Submissions 12
  • Classified Submission 07
  • XML Sitemap Validation
  • Robots.txt Validation
  • Blog Bookmarking 01
  • Article Submission 01
  • Content Optimization Suggestion
  • Link Analysis



  • No. of Keywords 30
  • Search Engine Submission 15
  • Backlinks 100
  • Directory Submissions 15
  • Classified Submission 15
  • XML Sitemap Validation
  • Robots.txt Validation
  • Blog Bookmarking 02
  • Article Submission 02
  • Content Optimization Suggestion
  • Link Analysis

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