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Company Overview

Bluecore serves as a retail marketing solution, empowering marketers to swiftly convert data into lucrative campaigns. Seamlessly integrating data into campaign workflows alongside user-friendly predictive models, retail marketers can eliminate manual tasks, enabling prompt triggering of personalized communications. This automation encompasses the details of every email, mobile notification, website interaction, and paid media message for each unique shopper.

Over 400 brands, including Express, Bass Pro Shops, Lenovo, Steve Madden, Alo Yoga, and Lulu & Georgia, rely on Bluecore to significantly enhance customer retention and drive predictable revenue. For additional details, please visit


Insufficient Mentions from Credible Sources in Relevant Publications

Being featured on reputable websites not only drives substantial traffic but also enhances your domain authority. The synergy of these outcomes bolsters conversions by fostering trust among the intended audience. We identified a parallel potential for Bluecore to achieve the same on their pages.

Potential for Enhanced Topical Relevance

One established approach to draw visitors to your website is by generating valuable content. Given that Bluecore was venturing into a novel niche, it was imperative for them to educate their prospects about the associated challenges and expenses. This strategic move would incentivize them to explore the solution provided by Bluecore.
We discerned that Bluecore could elevate their topical relevance by crafting educational and informative content tailored to their target audience.

Prospect for Elevated SERP Ranking

Securing a higher ranking for keywords pertinent to your business on Google’s first page is crucial for maximizing visitor count. This expansion broadens your outreach to a more extensive audience, subsequently amplifying lead generation. Bluecore had an opportunity to seize this advantage by pursuing a ranking for relevant keywords. The experts at WYTLabs dedicated their efforts to devise and implement a personalized solution for Bluecore aimed at addressing the aforementioned challenges.

Steps & solution:

1. Content Creation with a Focused Funnel Approach
The key reason for the decline in website traffic stemmed from the absence of authoritative content aligned with Bluecore's marketing funnels. Our strategy revolved around crafting content centered on specific niches that precisely addressed the core search intent of Bluecore's user persona. Here's an overview of the content development process we followed:
  • Research: Our initial step involved extensive research into topics relevant to Bluecore's market.
  • Idea Generation: Collaborating closely with Bluecore's internal growth team, we brainstormed and suggested a range of topic ideas.
  • Outline Creation: To ensure the content pieces would achieve the intended marketing impact, we shared detailed outlines of approved titles for meticulous review.
  • Production of Targeted Content: Upon receiving the go-ahead, our team dedicated effort to produce SEO-friendly, distinctive, and captivating content tailored to Bluecore's target audience.
2. Distribution of Content via Guest Blogging

Guest blogging serves as a valuable avenue for sharing your brand’s narrative in its distinct voice with your intended audience. By capitalizing on the reputation and authority of other blogs, you can amplify the reach of your brand.
Our approach entailed crafting guest posts for esteemed publications.

Here’s a breakdown of the process that was executed to secure more relevant links for Bluecore:

  • Identifying Prospect Websites: We conducted thorough research within their industry to identify publications that wield substantial influence among their target demographic. This assessment factored in key metrics like Domain Authority (DA), Domain Rating (DR), Citation Flow (CF), Trust Flow (TF), relevance to the topic, targeted keywords, traffic, and more.
  • Engaging with Editors: We initiated communication with the publishers.
  • Pitching Concepts with Outlines: After closely analyzing the readership of these publications, we put forth topic ideas tailored to captivate their audience’s interest.
  • Adhering to Content Guidelines: We meticulously crafted engaging, original, and SEO-friendly content for their website in accordance with the provided guidelines.
  • Securing Publication with Attribution: Following feedback-driven refinements, we successfully published the article, featuring a dofollow link to Bluecore.
3. Utilizing Niche Edits for Enhanced Ranking

An additional approach we employed to fortify Bluecore’s link profile involved incorporating their content within pertinent anchor texts. Our strategy centered on directing attention towards high-intent keywords pertinent to their industry. This concerted effort resulted in the establishment of a resilient link profile that channels pertinent traffic to their website.

Outstanding Achievements in 6 months

Through our persistent content distribution endeavors, we accomplished the following victories for Bluecore.

Secured First-Page Position for 200+ Keywords

ClearVoice’s organic traffic witnessed an unprecedented surge, skyrocketing from 64,169 visitors to an incredible 171,115 visitors in just one year. This astounding increase in organic traffic demonstrates the effectiveness of our content marketing and SEO initiatives in attracting more organic visitors to ClearVoice’s website.

Featured in 550+ Esteemed High-Authority Websites

Via guest blogging and strategic content dissemination, we solidified Bluecore’s position as a prominent and reliable authority within their field. This achievement significantly bolstered their ability to garner the confidence of potential clients, resulting in enhanced conversion rates.

Elevated Domain Rating

Domain rating serves as a metric that reflects your website’s perceived trustworthiness in the eyes of search engines, primarily based on the caliber and quantity of incoming links. A heightened domain rating positions you above your rivals for identical search queries and keywords, resulting in augmented website traffic. Following our endeavors, Bluecore witnessed a notable uptick in their domain rating.

Rise in Referring Domains

The synergy of top-notch, search engine optimized, and distinctive content, coupled with an enhanced domain rating, results in a surge of organic backlinks originating from diverse domains.
Given that we comprehensively addressed all pertinent aspects, Bluecore’s cornerstone and interconnected content naturally attracted a continuous stream of backlinks. The significant spike in the count of referring domains attests to the inherent value and appeal of the content featured on their blog.

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The link-building services provided by this agency are unparalleled. The quality of links they secured for us has significantly improved our search rankings and overall SEO performance. Highly recommended! 

Joe Griffin,

CEO at ClearVoice

Partnering with this agency was a game-changer for us. Their tailored marketing solutions aligned perfectly with our buyer profile, leading to a noticeable boost in qualified leads and predictable revenue growth.

Ankit Maheshwari,

Founding Director of Bluecore

Absolutely transformative! Our organic presence skyrocketed after partnering with this marketing agency. They truly understand our target audience and crafted a content strategy that drives exceptional results.

Sahil Kakkar,

CEO at Rankwatch

We’ve tried other SEO agencies in the past, but none have delivered results like WYTLab’s SEO services. Their comprehensive approach to SEO, including technical audits and link-building strategies, has boosted our search rankings and brand visibility.

Morgan Woods,

Director of Marketing at Ad push up

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