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Quickly & Predictably Scale Your SaaS Growth With PPC

Not sure how to create buzz for your product among your target audience? Our team of marketing specialists can reliably guide you on how to do it. With the power of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, they can chart a predictable growth trajectory for your ecommerce business and deploy paid ads across different marketing channels. Through PPC ad campaigns, we reach out to the untapped segments of your target audience and build brand awareness to draw in potential customers. Increased visibility helps to put your product front and center and create user engagement.

As a full-service SaaS marketing agency, we utilize platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, and social media channels to grow your user base. We are focused on giving you measurable results, guaranteeing an increase in conversions to drive revenue growth by leveraging data-driven insights and industry best practices. Investing in our PPC solutions will help you fast-track your success.

Paid Ads Challenges for SaaS

SaaS companies operate in a crowded marketplace, where standing out with a unique selling point becomes essential. As much as software solutions simplify our lives, conveying their value definitively through ad copy in a compelling manner can be a tricky task. On top of this, if the chosen advertising medium is paid advertising, it adds to the trickiness of the situation. PPC ads require an upfront investment, and if your ads do not make users click on them, there’s a good chance your investment will go down the drain. Your PPC ads are also affected by:


A growing number of SaaS companies are eyeing the same prospects you are, and they are all operating from a growth mindset. The result? Other companies in your niche most likely target the exact keywords you do and push you to increase your budget to run the same ads across different channels.


Cloud-based software solutions require a high level of understanding. Only some of your customers will be tech-savvy or regularly follow tech updates to know what’s what. So, how do you describe your product’s technical specs and benefits in short ads? Here, you’ll need a competitive differentiator understandable to the consumer.

Prospect Targeting

Relying solely on search queries cannot uncover high-intent prospects, especially when you’re dealing with prospects who don’t yet understand your technical product or service. So, while you may have advanced targeting tools, can they effectively connect you with the right audience? Can they ensure the targeted prospect understands your product?

Regulatory and Ad Policies

Some SaaS products are only allowed limited marketing by the government and Google to protect users from potential fraud. Suppose your offering falls under this SaaS product category; how do you ensure unhindered marketing while maintaining legal compliance and avoiding ad disapprovals, even if you’re using a social media strategy? 

Monetizing Subscriptions

SaaS companies aim to get more people to sign up for their subscriptions and ramp up their MRR (monthly recurring revenue). But how do they create ads that will motivate users to advance from the initial interest stage to booking trials and demos and then eventually to buying a subscription?


SaaS sales cycles tend to be longer than average, often involving many touchpoints. So, how can you effectively track the entire customer journey of your prospects and identify which of these come to your online store from Google Ads and social media ecommerce marketing channels like YouTube and Facebook?

How Our SaaS PPC Agency Services Work

If there’s one lesson we have learned over the past years working with several SaaS companies, it is that success cannot be achieved with a hit-or-miss approach. Every marketing strategy must be built on competitive research, data analysis, and a thorough understanding of your target audience and how best their needs can be met. Sounds generic? Not so much when you talk about the success of SaaS companies. SaaS companies sell services more than they sell tangible products, and without a calculated marketing approach and intelligent audience targeting, all efforts to promote your offerings can fall flat. As for us, we use a PPC approach complete with:

  • SaaS PPC Marketing Campaign Structure

    Success is built on a solid foundation, and we focus on creating a comprehensive campaign structure to save you time and effort. We realize how a well-structured campaign can offer visibility into how effective it is, optimizing everything from the use of keyword groups and bidding strategies to targeting the right audiences.

  • Keyword Strategy

    Our use of keywords is based on a strategic selection of high-traffic search terms with Google Analytics. These include single keyword ad groups that align with your customized landing pages. This helps your potential customers recognize your brand and influences them to move through your sales funnel to the next stage, improving your Google quality scores and reducing cost per click.

  • Ad Copy

    Every word of your PPC ad content counts! Our agency is staffed with some of the best copywriters to whom crafting concise, impactful ad copy comes naturally. From headlines to meta descriptions to hashtags in social media posts, our content includes all the relevant keywords that search engines and potential customers will target and can find your company with! We write content for Google Ads, display ads, carousel ads on social media platforms, SaaS LinkedIn ads, and more.

  • Landing Page Design

    Imagine clicking on an ad and landing on a web page that makes navigating to the advertised product difficult. A SaaS PPC strategy must include optimizing your website design. We at WytLabs understand this and design your landing pages incorporating dynamic text placement to ensure your ad copy matches the landing page copy.

  • Ongoing Optimization and A/B Testing

    What sets our SaaS PPC agency apart is our commitment to ensuring continued success for SaaS ecommerce brands through a continuous optimization of every campaign. We don’t subscribe to the ‘set it and forget it’ approach and believe that A/B testing, competitive research, and data analysis must be done regularly.  

Proven PPC Processes for SaaS Businesses of Any Size

A robust SaaS PPC strategy must be objective-led, and to get the biggest bang for every buck you spend, you must ensure that:

– Your ads are relevant to your target audience

– You choose your marketing channels wisely

– You offer native shopping solutions for maximum conversions

– You put all your marketing assets to work

– You harness your social media presence

– You build retargeting into your social media strategy

– You optimize your website design, specifically landing pages

Remember, Google Ads is not the only way to go about SaaS marketing. A carefully designed social media strategy can help you reach more prospects—for much less. The marketing experts at WytLabs specialize in tailoring SaaS PPC campaigns that target the right audience for your specific product or service, optimizing the budget allocated for each of these mediums to get maximum ROI. 

Why Your Business Needs a SaaS PPC Agency

SaaS businesses operate in an ever-evolving landscape fraught with intense competition. This makes investing in digital marketing strategies a must. But are all strategies going to benefit you? Likely not. This is where a SaaS PPC agency can step in and provide the guidance you need. 

A SaaS company that puts money into increasing its digital presence, whether through social media accounts or search engine ads, stands to reap many long-term benefits. Setting a solid foundation for building brand awareness and fueling demand generation is an unmissable stepping stone to success, and our well-thought-out and executed SaaS PPC marketing strategies can make your company easily discoverable as and when your potential customers look for your products or services. With a strategic mix of a paid search strategy, market research, and compelling content, a SaaS PPC agency like ours can help you target the right customers at the right time.


Effective B2B SaaS marketing services involve careful audience targeting, creating concise ad copy clearly stating features and benefits of the product, utilizing high-traffic keywords, A/B testing for optimization, employing strategic bidding to optimize ad budget, harnessing social media presence, and tapping into retargeting opportunities for prospects who showed interest in your offering.

A SaaS PPC agency specializes in maximizing ROI by driving quality leads to your website and converting them with targeted paid ads. They leverage data-driven insights from competitive research to design paid ad campaigns tailored to your needs. Unlike running paid ads haphazardly on your own, a SaaS marketing agency can help consistently monitor key metrics and adjust campaigns as needed.

While we recommend hiring a PPC agency anytime you think of running paid ad campaigns, the right time might be when you have the right budget and decide you want to maximize your ROI with highly targeted ads because the PPC experts know what to write and how to write.

The PPC pricing varies depending on your business size and type and industry. Typically, for a small to mid-sized company, the monthly costs, which cover both ad spend and PPC services, can range from $10,000 to $15,000.

Google Ads campaigns are based on user intent and target searches only relevant to your SaaS product or service. This means that people who search for your product or service will be few, which creates a finite demand. And if you were to target high-intent traffic, the searches would be even fewer.

Our leading SaaS PPC agency offers landing page and ad copy creation as part of your tailored PPC package. Our integrated approach that combines these services with other PPC strategies helps us minimize your ad spend, which could otherwise be very high.

To keep you in the loop, we generate comprehensive campaign performance reports periodically and at the end of the campaign cycle, detailing what we did and the results we were able to obtain. These reports offer insight into key metrics such as traffic, leads, and conversions.

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