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Incredible 145% Surge in Organic Traffic: Skyrocketed from 31563 to an Astounding 77518 within a Span of 17 Months!


Organic Keywords Expansion: Soared from 26230 to an Impressive 29319, including a Phenomenal Improvement in Over 6600 Keywords.


Link Building Triumph: Referring Domains Ascended from 3076 to a Noteworthy 4519!


Acknowledged in 500+ Websites of High Authority!

Company Overview

Founded in 2014, AdPushup emerged from a simple yet innovative idea: even as A/B testing gained popularity, its potential for optimizing ad layouts on the publisher’s end remained largely untapped. The founding members didn’t hesitate to act on this notion, creating and launching a prototype that yielded concrete results—achieving double-digit revenue growth for their initial website. Subsequently, the company garnered substantial media recognition, successfully secured multiple rounds of funding, and underwent transformation into a comprehensive revenue optimization platform catering to web publishers.

In addition to their notable designation as a Google NPM AdX Partner, AdPushup boasts the backing of Microsoft Ventures, further underscoring their industry prominence. Their accomplishments extend to receiving the prestigious NASSCOM Emerge 50 award. At present, they stand entrusted with the responsibility of serving and enhancing over 2 billion monthly ad impressions for a diverse network of more than 300 global publishing partners.


Enhancing Profitable Pages and Blogs:

AdPushup showcased a substantial collection of high-quality content on their website, encompassing a variety of blogs, service descriptions, and product pages. By optimizing their existing content and maintaining a consistent stream of new posts, they had the potential to significantly elevate their organic presence in search engine results.

Establishing a Strong Backlink Portfolio:

AdPushup had a notable opportunity to secure relevant mentions from reputable publications. These mentions carried the potential not only to bolster their rankings and referral traffic but also to attract well-qualified prospects exhibiting various levels of intent, spanning the Middle and Bottom of the Funnel.

Precision Targeting:

Given the intense competitiveness of their niche, we formulated a comprehensive strategy targeting both competitive keywords and low-competition, transactional keywords positioned at the end of the customer journey. Adhering to the 80-20 principle, which suggests that 80% of outcomes stem from 20% of efforts, this approach aimed to swiftly and effectively yield a favorable return on investment (ROI).

Addressing Technical SEO Concerns:

Through our website analysis, we identified several technical SEO intricacies that could potentially impede AdPushup’s search engine performance. These concerns encompassed factors such as improper site structure, duplicate content, broken links, sluggish loading times, mobile responsiveness challenges, and other technical elements necessitating optimization. The resolution of these technical SEO hurdles emerged as paramount, enabling search engines to seamlessly crawl and index the website, ultimately resulting in enhanced rankings and heightened visibility.

Steps & solution:

1.Market and keyword Research
We conducted a comprehensive analysis of AdPushup's primary competitors within the search engine results pages (SERPs) to extract strategic insights. Our focus was on pinpointing the keywords responsible for generating the highest volume of traffic to their respective websites, thereby furnishing us with valuable intelligence. Additionally, we meticulously assessed the competitive landscape within their niche, factoring in crucial metrics such as Domain Authority (DA) and Domain Rating (DR) of the dominant ranking platforms. Given the highly competitive nature of the industry, we recognized the necessity of addressing multiple dimensions, encompassing Technical SEO enhancements and the establishment of authoritative backlinks. Here are exemplar instances of particularly challenging keywords that underscore the complexities in attaining premier rankings for them:
2. Comprehensive SEO Strategy

After conducting a thorough website analysis, competitor research, and meticulous keyword identification, we have crafted a holistic SEO strategy. Below, you’ll find a summary of the all-encompassing plan, addressing all essential aspects.


With the strategy in motion, it was time to put our plans into action, and we’ve already initiated the implementation of the first objective outlined in the strategy.

Establishment of SEO Accounts & Foundation for Technical SEO (Covering 110+ Parameters):

We completed a thorough Technical SEO Audit encompassing a range of critical factors. This audit examined aspects such as Website Crawlability, Indexing Status, URL Structure, Website Speed, Mobile-Friendliness, Website Architecture, XML Sitemap, Robots.txt, HTTPS and Security, Canonicalization, Cannibalization, and more.

Advanced Keyword Research:

During the keyword research phase, we conducted an extensive analysis of the website and identified highly impactful keywords to amplify traffic.
Our selection criteria included:

  • Keywords with High Search Volumes
  • Keywords leveraged by competitors to drive traffic
  • Low Hanging Fruits/Striking distance keywords with potential for significant traffic increase
  • Keywords demonstrating traffic potential but currently struggling to secure a place on the first page.

Backlink Audit/Backlink Detox:

Our meticulous approach involved a comprehensive assessment of all backlinks, employing tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Google Search Console. Each link underwent a manual review, considering factors such as relevance, toxicity, spam score, and overall link quality. Any problematic or detrimental links were addressed through disavow requests submitted via Google Search Console.

In-Depth Competitor Analysis:

Our comprehensive competitor research delved into the strategies, strengths, and vulnerabilities of our rivals, offering valuable insights for shaping our own SEO endeavors. Our analysis goes beyond mere competitiveness, as we proactively anticipate forthcoming trends, strategically chart paths to optimize untapped potential, and stay ahead of the curve in areas that competitors have yet to uncover. This forward-looking approach ensures our ability to seize untapped opportunities for your business’s advantage.

On-Page SEO

Comprehensive Optimization of 40+ parameters covered

Our On-Page SEO strategy encompasses a wide array of activities designed to elevate the search engine performance of the website. Here, we highlight key optimizations that have been executed:

Optimization of Page Titles & Meta Descriptions:

A focal point was creating enticing and keyword-enriched page titles and meta descriptions for each webpage across adpushup’s site. This endeavor aims to enhance click-through rates from search engine result pages (SERPs) and elevate the overall search visibility of the site.

Refined H1, H2, H3 Tags:

To augment the site’s structure and enhance its appeal to search engines, we meticulously fine-tuned the heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.). Employing pertinent and targeted keywords within these headings aids search engines in grasping content hierarchy, thereby enhancing the likelihood of ranking for specific terms.

Integration of Schema Markup:

Our On-Page SEO strategy is fortified with the strategic inclusion of schema markup across the website. This infusion of structured data into pages provides search engines with additional context and insights into content. The result is the augmentation of rich snippets in SERPs, which can potentially lead to heightened click-through rates and amplified visibility.

Optimized Image Compression:

To optimize the speed of page loading and overall website performance, we undertook measures to diminish image sizes without compromising quality. This involved image compression and the use of contemporary image formats, geared toward enhancing the user experience, particularly for visitors accessing the site on slower internet connections or mobile devices.

Enhancement of Page Loading Speed:

A pivotal facet of our On-Page SEO endeavors was refining the loading speed of the website. We employed various tactics, including browser caching, the condensation of CSS and JavaScript files, and harnessing Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to facilitate more efficient content delivery. Accelerated loading times significantly contribute to user satisfaction and bolster search engine rankings.

Optimize Image Alt Tags

Aligning with SEO best practices, we meticulously optimized image alt tags across the entire website. By providing detailed and pertinent alternative text for each image, we not only enhance accessibility for visually impaired users but also equip search engines to comprehend the image content. This optimization further fortifies search engine rankings and potential visibility in image search results.

Content Strategy

Revitalization of Landing Page Content:

In alignment with our content strategy, we undertook a comprehensive rejuvenation of the landing page content within adpushup’s website. Through an extensive analysis of user behavior, engagement metrics, and careful examination of content employed by top-ranking SERP competitors, we pinpointed areas primed for enhancement. These insights led us to implement refinements that resulted in more engaging and pertinent content. The newly updated landing page content harmoniously aligns with the overall branding, effectively communicates the value proposition, and strategically prompts visitors to undertake desired actions—whether it’s signing up, making a purchase, or initiating contact.

Creation of On-Site Blog Articles:

To fortify adpushup’s content marketing initiatives, our efforts centered on the creation of informative and high-quality on-site blog articles. Our adept content team conducted exhaustive research encompassing keyword exploration and competitor analysis to discern pertinent topics. These topics were selected to directly address the concerns and queries of the target audience. Each blog post is meticulously tailored to offer valuable insights, actionable advice, and resolutions to readers’ inquiries. The consistent publication of fresh and captivating blog content aims to position adpushup as an authoritative voice in the industry, amplify organic traffic, and foster genuine connections with the audience.

Development of Social Media Content:

In conjunction with the website’s content strategy, we curate captivating social media posts that leverage social signals to reap SEO benefits. These well-crafted posts not only bolster adpushup’s online visibility but also engage the audience, fostering an advantageous impact on search engine rankings. The amplification of social signals—such as likes, shares, and comments—communicates content relevance and popularity to search engines. By generating compelling social media content, we spark interactive discussions, heighten brand recognition, and cultivate a vibrant community. This approach not only garners backlinks but also conveys positive signals to search engines, ultimately contributing to augmented visibility and organic traffic expansion.

Link Building: Establishing Presence on Over 500 High-Authority Domains

Manual Outreach with 600+ Word Articles:

Our link building initiatives are driven by proactive engagement through manual outreach to pertinent and authoritative websites. By meticulously crafting substantial articles, each surpassing 600 words, we deliver valuable and informative content tailored to the specific audiences of target websites. Through personalized interactions, we explore opportunities for guest posting and the acquisition of contextual backlinks. This approach cultivates valuable relationships with website proprietors, facilitating a mutually beneficial exchange of premium content and high-caliber backlinks.

HARO Link Acquisition:

An integral facet of our link building strategy involves harnessing Help a Reporter Out (HARO), a platform that bridges connections between journalists and experts. We diligently monitor relevant queries within the digital marketing realm on HARO, and when suitable opportunities arise, we promptly respond with well-researched and insightful contributions provided by adpushup’s experts. This proactive engagement secures mentions and citations within reputable publications, thereby garnering valuable backlinks, augmenting adpushup’s online repute, and fortifying its standing as a credible authority in the industry.

Strategic Press Releases:

Our link building efforts extend to the strategic creation of compelling press releases. These releases spotlight significant milestones, service or product launches, industry insights, or other notable developments related to adpushup. Through strategic distribution across a diverse array of media outlets and news platforms, we secure prized backlinks that bolster adpushup’s digital credibility and visibility. Furthermore, these press releases attract the attention of journalists, bloggers, and potential collaborators, fostering additional prospects for coverage and collaborative endeavors.

Remarkable Accomplishments in 17 Months:

In a mere 17-month span, our dedicated implementation of an extensive content marketing and SEO strategy has yielded extraordinary achievements, propelling significant growth and triumph for adpushup:

145% Surge in Organic Traffic

adpushup experienced an exceptional surge in organic traffic, catapulting from 31563 visitors to a staggering 77518 visitors within the span of just 17 months. This remarkable increase in organic traffic unequivocally showcases the efficacy of our content marketing and SEO endeavors, attracting a substantial influx of organic visitors to adpushup’s website.

Good Organic Keywords Growth:

Our strategic emphasis on meticulous keyword research and optimization resulted in a spectacular expansion of organic keywords. The keyword portfolio for adpushup expanded from 26230 to an impressive 29319 keywords, enabling the brand to establish a presence across a wider spectrum of relevant search terms and substantially heighten visibility across diverse search engines.

Triumph in Link Building Endeavors:

Our accomplishments in link building are nothing short of triumphant, as the count of referring domains surged from 3076 to an impressive 4519. Through manual outreach, strategic alliances, and strategic utilization of Help a Reporter Out (HARO) opportunities, we secured invaluable backlinks from authoritative and pertinent websites. These high-caliber backlinks not only elevated adpushup’s search engine rankings but also amplified the brand’s online credibility and industry authority.

Attainment of First-Page Positioning for 1100+ keywords & a total of 6600+ new & Improved ranking keywords

Through our committed content creation and link building endeavors, adpushup has achieved the distinction of securing first-page positions on search engine result pages (SERPs) for more than 1100 pertinent keywords, alongside a comprehensive uplift of 6600+ keywords within the SERP rankings.
This accomplishment has notably channeled substantial traffic to their website, facilitated by the substantial search volumes associated with many of these keywords.

In conclusion, the exceptional outcomes achieved in organic traffic, organic keywords expansion, and link building serve as a resounding testament to the resounding success of our comprehensive approach to content marketing and SEO. The augmented organic traffic and enhanced search engine visibility have firmly established adpushup as a dominant force in the market, directing valuable traffic and nurturing enduring connections with the target audience.

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