In this blog, we will be discussing the new, emerging SEO trends being observed in 2015. As we all know, SEO market keeps on changing rapidly, and we need to keep ourselves updated with these changes & trends.

According to Moz, it has been estimated that Google tweaks its algorithms approximately 500-600 times a year. This, in itself, is a reason big enough to keep yourself updated on a daily basis. Below, we will discuss some common trends that are currently going on in 2015 SEO, & also some suggestions for the small businesses to make them subsist the competitive market.

1 )  Mobile SEO : There has been a major update from Google in 2015 regarding the mobile versions of the website. Mobile responsive websites will get preference from Google in mobile searches. Also, 30% of the total traffic received by Google is via the mobile devices. So, small businesses thriving for space in the competitive market must go for the mobile responsive website to survive in competitive market.

2) Tried & Tested Formula still exists “ On-Page SEO” : On-page SEO has been the foundation for commencing SEO work on any website, and it is still trending in 2015. SEO cannot start without implementing the proper researched Onpage optimization on any website. If the Onpage is not implemented correctly in accordance with the content & targeted market, no matter how many backlinks are created, the website is very unlikely to reach its goal.

3) Focus on Google’s Semantic Search Algorithm : According to the new changes in Google’s algorithm, Google crawlers would be more intelligent. The main focus would be given to semantic meaning of the content in the website, rather than just focusing on the keywords. Google crawler would relate the category of the website according to the semantic meaning of the content depicted in the website.

4) Focus on Citations Rather than just creating Backlinks :  More preference would be given to the citations or the reference of the business posted on other websites. Businesses will benefit if the business citations & references are done on good-authority Citation directories rather than just creating a bunch of backlinks here & there.

5) Focus on Social Signals : Google has not announced it officially, but there has been enough proof that social media signals directly impacts the SEO results. It is an excellent practice for small businesses to create their Business pages on Facebook & Twitter and share them as much as possible. Effects would be soon visible in the website’s SEO rankings once social media marketing is started.

6 ) “ Content is the king” : Content has been the king in SEO since long, & will remain so in 2015 . Google has always given priority to the User experience, so it considers Content as one of the main SEO factors into account, for bringing the website up in the search rankings. So, it is advisable for small businesses to go for the content which is beneficial for the user experience, rather than stuffing the keywords in the content.

Overall, the SEO market has seen some major trends being unleashed in 2015, like the one Mobile Responsive Update, & the businesses that keep up-to-date with these trends are likely to remain in the good books of Google.