How to make SEO copy friendly

Making copy SEO friendly is partly about using keywords as a foundation for content. Keywords, however, are not necessarily the determining factor for the success of a web site. When writing copy for SEO it is important to keep in mind that compelling content is mainly about the quality of the writing. If a web site’s content focuses only on keywords it is sure to be repetitive and boring. Once the search engine guides your visitor to your page there is little to guarantee the visitor will stay on the page long enough to engage in your business. After all, it is ultimately not just about having a never-ending stream of visitors because they will be quickly irrelevant if they are just passing through.

The Internet makes it easy to forget that you are always dealing with people at the end of the day, even though you are working within a computer-powered system. If a copywriter only focuses on the techniques that appeal to search engine algorithms, she/he will be sure to miss a chance to appeal to potential customers. At wytlabs, we are sure that our copywriters are fundamentally good writers that put themselves in the position of possible clients and consistently write for the public rather than for computers. Having good writers is key to any venture that requires copywriting for success.

At wytlabs, we think of content as the equivalent to web design. They are both an art in and of itself. If your web site is praised for its textual content, not just its aesthetics, it will be sure to get attention that is lasting and conducive to actual results. That is why we place such importance on content. If you are not satisfied with it for any reason, because its not accurate or precise, we will adjust it so that it sends the message your company wants to put forth.

So while it is true that keywords are important to SEO copywriting, they should not be the sole focus. The focus is always about content that is appealing and compelling to real live customers. The fact that you cannot interact with your clients on a personal physical basis through your web site does not automatically indicate that you should not take steps to make their experience on your web site as friendly and personable as possible. This is not an easy task on the Internet but it can be done, especially with our team at wytlabs that is not satisfied until both your business and your customers are satisfied.