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The Wytlabs PPC experts have years of experience handling unique requests from thousands of Shopify sites. Also, they are up-to-date with the latest changes in the search engine algorithms that may affect the search marketing practices while working on PPC campaigns. The sooner you get in touch with our team, these experts will start looking into the possible ways to engage your target customers and drive more traffic to your Shopify site.

With pay-per-click campaigns, you only pay for the clicks. Our team analyzes your PPC marketing requirements and helps you decide the right budget for the campaign. We also assist you in selecting the right platforms to showcase the ads for your Shopify store. Whether it’s for search engines or specific social media platforms, our team will deliver personalized PPC services to boost your conversion rate and increase revenue.

Trust Your Business with Our Shopify Pay-Per-Click Experts

The success of a PPC campaign depends on a lot of factors, including the selection of the platform, the content of the ad copy, and the quality of the landing page. In order to get everything right, our team thoroughly studies your Shopify site and its offerings. With a better understanding of your customer base, we are able to find keywords that help us reach specific audiences with the PPC (pay-per-click) campaign.

While you are always guaranteed a customized PPC management service from our team, we continuously aid you throughout your advertising campaign. In case the initial strategy does not deliver the desired results, our team will make the necessary changes in the campaign to ensure the ad reaches the right audience and compels them to take action. Our team keeps you up-to-date about the crucial details of the campaign, including click-through rates, traffic, conversion rates, and more.

What You Get From Our Shopify PPC Management Services

Over the years, we have helped thousands of eCommerce businesses run successful PPC campaigns and reach new customers. You can also increase your brand awareness and build trust with potential customers by using our Shopify PPC management services. Our team has a deep understanding of PPC advertisements and how they can be used for maximum impact. With our comprehensive support, your ads can appear at the top of search engine results pages and other platforms.

At Wytlabs, you get a solid PPC campaign strategy that covers every crucial aspect of the PPC process. We understand that the one-size-fits-all concept does not work for PPC campaigns. This is why we personalize the campaign from the planning stage as per the business requirements and industry standards. We take every step of the process cautiously to ensure there is room for error in your PPC campaign. Here is what you get when you choose Wytlabs for your PPC campaign.

Campaign Planning

Shopify PPC campaigns are used to engage highly targeted audiences who are already interested in the brand or its products. With proper planning, it is possible to create personalized ads that have higher chances of conversion. After thoroughly studying a business and its target audience, our team defines the campaign goals and creates a plan of action around them. During the planning phase, our experts focus on what the client wants from the campaign. For example, the conversion goal of the client is one of the major factors that help us plan the campaign more effectively. The planning allows us to confirm that the keywords, the client’s objectives, and the visitor’s objectives are perfectly aligned.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the most crucial elements of a PPC campaign. They define the conditions when the audience will see your ads. In order to find the right set of keywords for your PPC campaign, our Shopify PPC experts conduct extensive keyword research using the most advanced tools available in the market. While identifying the relevant keywords, our experts ensure that they align with the audience’s search intent and have the appropriate amount of search volume to achieve the client’s goals. Depending on your campaign requirements, our team can also create ad groups on the basis of keyword themes and choose the most appropriate keywords for each ad group. We also create a list of negative keywords based on the research.

Ad Creation

The success of a PPC ad campaign often depends on how well-written the ad copy is. Apart from incorporating the target keywords, our team also goes the extra mile to produce several intriguing ad copies that will compel the audience to click on the ad link. The experts prefer to have several copies ready and test them before running the best ad copy for the campaign. Our experts try different designs, headlines, and often different themes while preparing the ad copies to find the right combination. Instead of following a template, our team prefers to create personalized content for every ad campaign to ensure the copy is unique every time.

Campaign Launch

Before we launch a Shopify PPC campaign, we optimize (and often create) a landing page where people will end up after clicking on the PPC advertisement. Our team ensures the landing pages are relevant to the ad and offers a seamless experience. We also keep you in the loop while reviewing campaign settings, ad creative, targeting options, and ad budget.
After confirming all those details, our team launches the campaign on the best channels that suit your requirements. We take care of the entire launching process of Shopify PPC campaigns. If you have specific instructions for the campaign launch, we also comply with them.

PPC Campaign Tracking and Optimization

Our work does not end after successfully launching a PPC advertising campaign for you. We continue to optimize the campaign. If the campaign is not doing as expected, our team analyzes the issues and tries to fix the problem. We continuously monitor the campaign metrics using tools like Google Analytics to ensure the campaign drives enough traffic to the site and boosts conversions. If you do not have prior experience in reading analytics data, don’t worry. Our team takes care of that as well. From gathering the right set of data to getting the necessary insights from the analytics, we track every crucial aspect of the campaign. We can change the target keywords, modify the copy, replace the CTA, and more based on the readings.

Regular Reporting

As we keep close track of the paid advertising campaigns for our clients, we deliver significant insights with regular reports. This regular reporting allows us to maintain transparency with all our clients. Also, if there is any major change in the performance of the PPC campaigns, we offer a detailed report to help you understand what did or didn’t work. All our Shopify PPC experts are familiar with the latest analytics and reporting tools that help measure paid ad campaign performance. We collect the necessary information from those tools and provide a complete report to the clients, highlighting the major updates.

Ad Platforms We Use for Shopify PPC Services

At Wytlabs, our PPC experts are familiar with all the ad platforms that support paid ad campaigns. They usually identify the channels that will be more beneficial for your Shopify store’s ad campaigns. However, if you prefer specific channels, our team can prepare the campaign accordingly. Here’s how our PPC experts create PPC campaigns for popular channels.

  • Google Shopping

    While working on Google shopping ads, our team identifies the most relevant products in your inventory and optimizes the names and descriptions for better visibility. When someone searches for similar products on Google, the products highlighted by our experts appear at the top of the results. The Google shopping links also help improve the chances of conversion.

  • Google Ads

    Google ads, also called Google Adwords, are one of the most commonly used platforms for PPC campaigns. Naturally, our team works the most on such platforms for various clients. Even though these Google PPC ads are text-based, our team performs all the necessary measures to ensure these Google ads appear in front of the right audience.

  • Microsoft Shopping (Bing)

    Similar to Google shopping ads, this one also highlights product ads but on Bing’s search network. Our team has a good understanding of both Bing product ads and Microsoft Merchant Center catalogs. So, when a client wants our team to use this platform for their PPC campaigns, we personalize the campaign for Bing users.

  • Merchant Center Support

    While our team excels at building a PPC campaign for Google Ads, they also know their way around the Merchant Center support associated with the paid search campaigns. Our team focuses on improving the customer experience while ensuring success for paid advertising on these search engines. The customer support info card is also visible on the Merchant Center to ensure the customers can get in touch with you to resolve their issues.

  • Facebook Ads

    Our team can tailor your PPC marketing campaign based on your Facebook Ads. This can help your eCommerce business reach more of your target audience on Facebook. We handle everything from budgeting to creating effective pay-per-click ads.
    Wytlabs can meet all your digital marketing goals, whether you want to attract more visitors to your online store or remarket your ads to potential customers. Just tell us what you need, and we will provide the best PPC campaign services for you.

  • Instagram Ads

    Leveraging the visual appeal and vast user base of Instagram, our team crafts engaging and visually striking ads tailored to capture the essence of your brand and products. Understanding the platform’s unique demographic, we optimize your campaigns for maximum engagement by targeting users based on interests, behaviors, and detailed demographics. This approach ensures your Shopify store reaches a broad yet targeted audience, driving both awareness and conversion.


There are several reasons why you should invest in a PPC campaign for your Shopify store.

  • By targeting relevant keywords, you can attract potential customers.
  • You only pay when someone clicks on your pay-per-click ad.
  • It helps you get more brand recognition.
  • You can launch a PPC ad campaign in an instant.
  • It helps you compete even if your search rankings are low.

Shopify PPC advertisements are highly targetable. They allow you to advertise specific products or services to a particular group of audiences based on their demographic information and search behaviors. PPC advertising is aimed at customers who are looking for your products or services. They can be displayed on SERPs, content websites, and social media platforms, enticing potential customers to click on the ad and visit your website.

No one can tell you when you may start seeing results from your Shopify PPC campaigns. If done correctly, you may see a significant rise in your website traffic in a few days. Sometimes, it may take a few weeks. And if you are operating in a highly competitive industry, it may take several months to a year or more to see some results. On average, it usually takes around 3-6 months to see a growth in your website traffic.

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