Retailers are always looking for easier way to sell their products which why Google shopping created Shopping Campaigns, a brand new way to promote your inventory online. To make it easy for you to advertise your products on Google shopping campaign provide a new retail centric way to manage and optimize your product listing ads in ad-words. With shopping campaigns you can organize your inventory as you would in your store or catalog, grouping products of different types into a product. For eg: if you are clothing retailer you can create a product group for Shirts

You get average bid and traffic bench mark as well to find a right bid for your shirts. You can also see how your products perform over time helping you discover trends in your inventory and opportunities to optimize your campaign. For e.g if you notice blue shirts are very popular and are getting a lot of traffic, you can break out blue shirts into its own product group, allowing you to set a different bid for those items.
Shopping campaign are better way to sell your products online, manage your product listing ads, new opportunities to optimize and grow your online business.

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Author: Shekhar Bhatnagar