What Is A/B Split Testing

Split test marketing is an experiment of 2 methodologies to get the best possible responses that lead to a purchase or filling out a form. This is also known as a conversion.

In most cases, every aspect of a website can be split-tested. For example, you can test 2 or more keywords and see what the search volume is over a given amount of time. Split testing can also be used for improvements with a shorter number of tests. This is called multivariate testing. Using this method, multiple variables are altered within a single web page. For example, the main headline, the call to action, the picture image and the opening paragraph of content.

The main advantage with multivariate testing is that you can find the best combination of website elements in a shorter space of time and achieve improvements significantly in the website’s overall performance. The disadvantage is that takes a considerable amount of traffic to get accurate results.

For most websites, split A/B testing will be the best strategy to increasing a website’s conversion rate over time.

What Are The Benefits of A/B Split Testing?

A/B testing allows marketers, publishers and webmasters to better understand their customers buying habits, and to figure out what best motivates towards the desired action or end result.

A/B Split Testing can be used to test different web pages, price points, and other factors that might influence a visitor or customer.

How To Know If A Test Is Valid

In order to obtain valid results of A/B split testing, there must be a large enough sample to provide legitimate, statistical information. If the sample is too small, the data may be skewed inaccurately for reasons not related with the original variant being tested.

For example, do not try to test price points and web layout at the same time. It is important to change only 1 thing between the two versions on the test copy.

Tools For A/B Split Testing

There are many different tools available to conduct A/B / Multivariate testing. Google’s website optimizer is one of the most popular ones today. You can learn more about Website Optimizer at www.google.com/websiteoptimizer. Performing these kinds of experiments will allow for an increase conversions and ROI, leafing to increased revenue for your business. You can also contact us for more information. Our higher level custom plans include this service.