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1. Pre-order Manager 2.0 PreOrder

Standout Features of the app:

  1. Customize themes and aspects of the pre-order look and function of the store.
  2. Automate and schedule pre-order dates or enable them based on stock availability.
  3. Build product launch hype, ‘Buy Now’ replaced with ‘Coming Soon’ buttons.
  4. Fix pre-order quantity limits and put them on display.
  5. 24/7 live chat support and developer assistance are provided.
  6. Free app with a fast installation process.
  7. Flexible pre-order options.

This app helps in effective pre-order management, has a user-friendly interface, and ensures reliable performance. It provides product purchase analysis which helps businesses with timely response and problem solving.

2. Pre-order Now – PreOrder

Standout Features of the app:

  1. Preorder features such as badges, emails, tagging, mixed cart alerts, and discounts for pre-order.
  2. No complex theme installation or coding is needed.
  3. Fast customer support, even on weekends.
  4. Enables selling backorder products even when out of stock.
  5. Pre-selling option for products for crowdfunding and coming soon launches.
  6. Plug-and-play automation.
  7. Integrative features such as quick views, AJAX collection pages, and more.
  8. Live installation support.

This Shopify pre-order app helps to enhance customer experience and make better sales. Even if you’re low on your inventories, Pre-order Now quickly switches the ‘add to cart’ to the ‘pre-order’ button. If you need an app that takes care of all your pre-order needs with the latest integrative features, download Pre-order Now.

3. Pre-order Helper

Standout Features of the app:

  1. Preorder out-of-stock products and their variants.
  2. Centralized analytics dashboard to track ROI and generated revenue.
  3. Simple design widget for customization of preorder buttons and font for branding.
  4. Import/Export allows preorders for specific products.
  5. Scheduling and shipping based on customer demand.

This preorder Shopify app allows for wholesale pricing discounts, and a wholesale order form is available to enable the clients who are availing discounts to pre-request. Now this is an opportunity nobody wants to miss, Right?

4.KAD Pre-order – PreOrder NOW

Standout Features of the app:

  1. Preorder button on collection and product pages.
  2. Scheduling preorder timeline
  3. Multiple language support for easy translation.
  4. Setting up product and product variants for preorders.
  5. Partial payment support.
  6. Email and mixed cart notifications.
  7. Preorder badges and customized CSS.
  8. Flexible, independent plans and user-friendly interface.
  9. Easy application with no coding requirement.

KAD Pre-order allows for flawless management with dashboard usage and provides liberty to the business to limit the number of orders and product availability dates. This will give you complete control over the supply chain. To go profitable, have easier access, and a multitude of time-saving features, go KAD!

5.PreOrder Me

Standout Features of the app:

  1. Pre-order strategy based on variants.
  2. Bulk management of pre-order settings.
  3. Customizable widget style using match themes.
  4. Automatic pre-order management through tags.
  5. Online store 2.0 themes support.
  6. Installation by theme editor.

PreOrder Me can help you easily manage product bookings and track pre-order sales. It offers three key elements that all e-commerce businesses look for in their pre-order apps–pre-order button, smart and prompt text on the shopping cart page, and bulk preorders. Being reliable even during high traffic and huge preorder volumes, there isn’t anything that is left out!

6.Preorderly – Preorder NOW

Standout Features of the app:

  1. Customizable pre-order options for collections, products, and variants.
  2. Displaying the preorder button/badge on the homepage.
  3. Limitation on quantity per customer.
  4. Tagging pre-order items on the order page.
  5. Supports partial payment.
  6. Automatic discounts on pre-order items.

This Shopify pre-order app provides easy integration, proper handling and management of large catalogs, and customizable pre-order messages. This can prove significant for anyone looking for cost-effective methods for maintaining sales. It prevents production wastage by producing products on demand. Try it today!


Standout Features of the app:

  1. Effective management of crowdfunded pre-order campaigns.
  2. Integration with the latest themes.
  3. Simple processes and workflows.
  4. Automatic installation and easy operations.
  5. Offers flexible funding options.
  6. Specialized technology and hardware product launches.
  7. Regular email support hours.

‘Crowdfunder’ will help you with all your crowdfunding needs. Be it raising money for a cause that you are passionate about, a new business idea, or merely launching a limited-run product–Crowdfunder pre-order Shopify app will help to navigate through all this and much more.

8.Globo Pre-order – Preorder Now

Standout Features of the app:

  1. Pre-order button for out-of-stock or any product on Shopify.
  2. Supports partial payment and automatic discounts on pre-order, presale, and back order.
  3. Custom delivery option below preorder button.
  4. Visible ‘Notify Me’ button on out-of-stock products.
  5. Back-in-stock alert notifications, automatic email/SMS to subscribers for stock alerts.
  6. Automatic add tag option for pre-order and shipping date.
  7. Enables limits or unlimited pre-orders.
  8. Integrations with Mailchimp/Klaviyo.

So many features all in a single preorder app! Globo Pre-order helps increase sales through pre-orders. It displays a countdown timer and automatically updates the stocks on the app. There can’t be more. Well, there is! It helps e-commerce businesses to control their pre-order strategy for each product and variant. Now, that is what we call the best pre-order app!

9.Advanced PreOrder

Standout Features of the app:

  1. Pre-order and pre-sale options.
  2. 24/7 technical support.
  3. No hard code requirement.
  4. ‘Notify Me’ and ‘Coming Soon’ notification alerts.
  5. Partial payment option availability in Platinum plans.
  6. Custom delivery options.
  7. Enable/Disable pre-order buttons.

Your customers will have the most satisfying experience with Advanced PreOrder. Pre-order based on your location, notifications for out-of-stock items gone available, and a proper sales counter that lets you count your sales. With all these features, what are you waiting for? Download Advanced PreOrder now!

10.EasyOrder – Order Form

Standout Features of the app:

  1. Simple order process for COD orders.
  2. Visual drag’n’drop order form builder.
  3. Multiple field areas on the COD order form.
  4. Track abandoned carts for order completion.
  5. Orders and draft orders collection.
  6. Automatic customer invoices or order confirmation.
  7. Collection of COD data.
  8. Quick order submission for COD.

EasyOrder is fully customizable–be it the field, layout, or form builder! If you’re an e-commerce business looking for easy cash-on delivery operations for your customers, EasyOrder is the best Shopify app for the deed.

11.Fundlify Crowdfund & Pre-order

Standout Features of the app:

  1. Easy launch of crowdfunding, pre-order, and flash sale campaigns.
  2. Full integration with Shopify’s order management, fulfillment, and checkout.
  3. Two-phase crowdfunding model.
  4. Collection and campaign launches.
  5. Built-in customizable email notifications engine.
  6. Crowdfund physical and digital products.
  7. No commission fees
  8. Enhanced-on-demand sustainable productions.

This app allows for increased customer engagement and reliability. One unique feature of Fundlify is its ability to help the brand or business produce the right amount of product for the customers–leading to enhanced sales and minimized production wastage. If you want a solution to all your crowdfunding and pre-order needs with no platform fees, go to Fundlify.

12.Pre-Order Controller

Standout Features of the app:

  1. Create pre-order products in the store.
  2. Manage pre-order configuration.
  3. Pre-order out-of-stock products.
  4. Email alert notifications for back-on-stock products.
  5. Availability of partial and full payments.
  6. Automatic customer invoices.

Pre-order controllers can be your savior if you are looking to amplify your sales. At the end of the day, it is not about products sold but satisfied and happy customers–and that is what the Pre-order controller does. For all ecommerce needs and many more, try it now.

13.Notify Me! Back in Stock | PreOrder

Standout Features of the app:

  1. Accept pre order discounts from loyal customers
  2. Send automatic restock alters made using a library of free templates
  3. Match themes based on AI that can be added to the home and collection page of the website
  4. The pre order app works flawlessly with other marketing tools
  5. It can be paired with page builders to create effective and converting workflows
  6. 24×7 available customer support team and assistance that is diverse
  7. Set multi-location inventory
  8. Easy and effortless email domain setup and resend
  9. Reports on lost sales and revenue recovered with reminders sent for conversions.

Notify! Back in Stock|PreOrder is highly regarded and is labeled among the best pre order apps by many. What makes it a popular pre order app is the fact it is an easy-to-use app for any eCommerce business. The app lets your business enable pre orders feature on the website and make your pre order customers feel special. If you are looking to add an aura of surprise to your brand and notify customers from time to time about it, then Notify! Back in Stock|PreOrder is the right app for you!

Wrapping Up

That is a long list! We understand that it can be puzzling to choose from 12 different pre-order Shopify apps–all designed to help e-commerce & brands manage their business effectively and provide more options to the customers for an enriched user experience.

Identify your business needs and choose any of the apps that suit your business model the most. It is an investment worth making today, tomorrow, and always.
Pre-order products, pre-order happiness!


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