Writing good-quality content should be a major aspect of every SEO strategy. Content writing requires some of your creative writing expertise, though. And let’s be honest, many blogs are hardly precise and not at all descriptive, entertaining nor inspiring.

Below are some of the reasons why content on your website should be worthwhile and nicely structured:

1 User should understand your message better:

Every blog should deliver some message. The blog should be self explanatory enough to send across your message loud and clear. The content should properly describe your product.

And if the content is not good, the people will get averse to it; therefore, it will not drive more traffic to your website. So, the content should be self explanatory, well-written, concise and well-researched.

2 Lower bounce rate:

If your content is well-explanatory and nicely structured, chances are much higher that readers will actually stay on your website to view your post. That will help in lowering bounce rates and will definitely improve rankings in the search engine results.

3 More trust:

Well-written content will win your readers’ trust. If your content reads good and is free of errors, it will look much more professional. This will make it easier for people to trust you and your blog post. If people trust your blog, they will be much more willing to return to your website to read your next blog, or willing to buy your product.

4 More (social media) attention:

Engaging blog posts are mostly shared on social media. And, in order to attract more audience, the post should be written in such a manner that it should persuade the visitor into reading it. And mainly, the blog should be informative enough to share on their timeline on Facebook or twitter etc. People won’t prefer to share poorly written content and they will not read the full the content and that user will be lost.

Conclusion: Quality content leads to better ranking and it can achieve higher conversion rate, too. Writing valuable blog posts may not improve your rankings instantly. But, in the long run, it will definitely leave a positive effect on your SEO! Interesting texts have less bounce rates and high chances to receive social media attention. Interesting texts will also result in higher number of conversions on your website. If your message is well understood by your audience, chances are much higher for them to return to your website.