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1. Qstomizer

Experience seamless customization with Qstomizer by Big Van Studio. Boasting a stellar 4.9 rating through 280+ total reviews, this app starts at just $9.99/month. From complete responsiveness on all devices to extensive customization options – modify colors, fonts, and templates – Qstomizer empowers your brand. Get printing experts’ support and free installation.

Elevate your e-commerce game with Qstomizer’s user-friendly personalization.

2. Product Options and Customizer

Elevate your products with the Product Options and Customizer app by Product Customizer.
With 1385 total reviews and a 4.6 rating, it’s a free and powerful app. Create unlimited combinations effortlessly, boosting sales with add-on pricing for each choice. Plus, enjoy round-the-clock tech support for a seamless setup and operation. Transform your e-commerce game with enhanced customization today.

3.Infinite Options

Take control of your e-commerce game with Infinite Options.

Starting at $7.99/month, it empowers your store with boundless personalized choices – from text and numbers to schedules and swatches. Infinite Options is an app for store customization, offering infinite product options, customizable color and variant swatches, and bundling. It allows shoppers to choose items, add surcharges, and accelerate processing. It has over 3800 total reviews and a 4.8-star rating.

4.Custom Product Builder

Empower your store with the Custom Product Builder.
Starting at $35/month, it offers live 3D and video previews, complex logic, and personalization features. Unlock unlimited custom options and fields – images, colors, text, and more – enhancing item customization. Boost sales with live photos, artwork, logo previews, and quantity breakdowns. Embrace product personalization for a seamless, customer-centric shopping journey. It has

5.Zakeke Product Customizer

Embrace Zakeke Product Customizer. Starting at $8.99/month, it amazes visitors with complete personalization pre-purchase. Streamline custom orders with authorized, print-ready formats. Elevate the experience with real-time 3D vision and augmented reality, allowing consumers to interact with live 3D product renderings in their own world. Revolutionize customization and captivate your customers. It has 100+ total reviews on the Shopify app store.

6.Angle 3D Configurator

Introduce the Angle 3D Configurator. Starting at $29/month, you can provide a 3D product visualization and customization experience to enhance customer engagement and boost sales. Seamlessly manage variations by linking them to 3D customization options, simplifying pricing decisions. Elevate conversion rates with augmented reality, allowing customers to experience 3D products in their natural surroundings using their phone’s camera. This can help you uplift your engagement, streamline customization, and embrace innovative experiences. With 120 total reviews, it makes its mark as one of the best apps.

7.Inkybay ‑ Product Customizer

Inkybay ‑ Product Customizer helps customers design their own items with text, images, and colors, allowing them to create unique designs that make them stand out. Starting at $19.99/month, it offers stock options, quantity discounts, and ready-to-print vector files, simplifying inventory management and providing personalization options.

You can also get ready-to-produce vector files for efficient handling of orders, quotes, and more. This will elevate your customization options and offer a seamless design experience to your customers. Furthermore, Inkybay allows for creative control, giving customers the freedom to create unique and personalized designs. It has 240+ total reviews on the Shopify marketplace.


Empower your customers to unleash their creativity by adding color variants, text, images, or any component options to customize their products with Kickflip. This user-friendly customizer offers a seamless experience for simple to complex customizations. Watch your customers’ ideas come to life with a live preview displayed from multiple perspectives, allowing them to visualize unlimited product variants.

With features like text and image personalization, a multi-component customization process, dynamic pricing reflecting different options, high-quality real-time product previews, and live coloring that dynamically applies colors to customizable areas, Kickflip takes the product personalization experience to a whole new level. Elevate customer engagement, stimulate creativity, and boost conversions with this powerful product personalizer. It has nearly 100 total reviews on the Shopify app store.


Customily is your ticket to increasing margins, conversions, and sales while also boosting customer engagement and loyalty. That’s not all – it streamlines your fulfillment processes, enabling faster deliveries and saving you both time and money. Plus, it cuts down on returns by giving your customers a crystal-clear preview of what they’re getting. It is the go-to product customizer for print-on-demand products! In just seconds, you can sell personalized products, offering customers a delightful and interactive shopping experience.

You can enjoy unlimited customization options – from texts, fonts, colors, and textures to images, star maps, and cartoons. Access clipart collections and full design templates that are ready to apply and sell for free. Furthermore, You can connect seamlessly with various Print-on-Demand providers to automate fulfillment and count on the global support team.

There’s a free 9-day trial available for the app and a free plan as well. Their premium plan costs $49 per month. Also, it has nearly 150 total reviews on the Shopify app store.

10.Zepto Product Personalizer

This app enables customers to personalize products effortlessly using image and color swatches, dropdown menus, buttons, text and monogram inputs, custom fonts, color selections, upload fields, and more. You can create a comprehensive product-building experience with Condition-based logic and Dynamic Pricing. Uplift customer engagement and simplify custom orders with live customization.

On top of that, you can provide unlimited personalization options and product variants, allowing customers to witness a live preview directly in the store. Deliver a ‘Build Your Own Product’ experience for multi-component custom products.

This product personalizer comes with a free trial for 15 days, while the paid plans start at $9.99 per month and go to $49.99. With 870+ total reviews, it proves to be a reliable tool for product customization.

11.PODbazi: Tshirt Product Design

Empower your customers with the freedom to design anything on any product by allowing customization with logos, texts, images, clip-arts, and more. In the app back-end, you can even establish a design template for each product, loading the design panel with that specific template. Obtain customer design details effortlessly in the app back-end and easily download the SVG file of their design.

Add an extra layer of customization by setting up individualized prices for a product and incorporating custom fonts. The app also offers convenient Print on Demand services, making it a one-stop solution for product customization. There is a free trial available for this app for 10 days. To upgrade, you need to pay $29.99 per month for their paid plan. It has 75+ total reviews on the Shopify app marketplace and a 4.2-star rating.


Experience the unparalleled capabilities of SKYOU, the most powerful on-demand design platform in existence. With its cutting-edge 3D design tool, you gain the ability to craft and showcase an extensive range of apparel and accessories directly on your eCommerce store. Unlike traditional print-on-demand methods that rely on pre-made low-quality blanks, SKYOU stands out by printing, cutting, sewing, and garment washing each order as it’s placed. They are not just decorating; they are manufacturing your brand. With over 15 years of experience powering Print on Demand for major brands like Nike, SKYOU ensures amazing quality and unmatched expertise in bringing your brand to life.

SKYOU is completely free to install and use. You can begin with it without paying a penny. However, external charges may be billed by SKYOU Inc. separately from your Shopify invoice. It has a 3.8-star rating on the Shopify store and around 50+ total reviews.

13.Live Preview Options by Webyze

The Live Preview Options app is a fantastic tool for spicing up your Shopify products with a variety of customization features. Think swatches, drop down menus, buttons, text inputs, upload fields, and more – the possibilities are endless. What’s cooler is that you can generate a live preview of the product right before the user’s eyes as they customize it. Adjust prices based on their selections and utilize Conditional Logic to seamlessly show or hide options depending on what your customer picks. Above all, you can add as many fields as you want and customize as many products as your heart desires. It’s the ultimate way to let your customers add their personal touch!

So, there is a free trial available for this app for 7 days. Regarding paid plans, they start at $9 per month and go to $14, $23, and $35 every month. This app has 47 total reviews on the Shopify marketplace and a 4.7-star rating.

14.Arka: Packaging and Supplies

With Arka, you can experience the pinnacle of packaging services. They offer the best pricing in the market with no arrangement charges or upcoming expenses, making it the ideal choice for both branded and unbranded packaging worldwide.

Their commitment to sustainability shines through in our Eco-Friendly approach, as they source recyclable and high-quality materials for our containers. Plus, they take pride in adhering to certified clean processes at their facilities. Arka is Fast, efficient, and unmatched in speed, and their packaging delivery service stands out from the rest. Arka is free to install, so that you can begin with the app for free.

15.AAA Product Options + Forms

Every Shopify store owner should use this app. If you’re looking for a user-friendly, effective, and budget-friendly tool to integrate crucial features seamlessly, this is a game-changer. With the Product Option Field Features, you can create an unlimited number of additional product fields, allowing customers to fill them in on the product detail page conveniently.

The Item Option Field lets you generate countless extra option fields on the product page, where customers can input details, ensuring they’re saved with the order. Their free trial period lasts for 30 days, while the premium plan starts at $9 every month. This app is relatively newer and has 9 total reviews on the Shopify marketplace.

16.Fancy Product Designer

Revolutionize your eCommerce business’s profitability and stand out from the crowd with Fancy Product Designer. Give your customers the power to envision and design your products effortlessly on your website using an intuitive and highly customizable interface that caters to any audience.

The Fancy Product Designer integrates with other applications, Shopify emails, and standard order processing workflows without any friction, streamlining operations and cutting down on manual labor. Design and produce any kind of product with this versatile tool that is fully responsive and user-friendly on all devices. It’s a simple enough designer for any kind of audience, ensuring a smooth experience for all. And their pricing starts at $15 per month. But if you want to try it before buying, you can go for their 14-day free trial. It has 30+ total reviews on the Shopify app store and a rating of 4.7 stars.

17.Spiff 3D Product Customizer

Spiff is your go-to solution, empowering both online and in-store merchants to provide custom products without breaking the bank. By maintaining a low cost of production, Spiff makes customization affordable for consumers while ensuring it’s a profitable venture for the merchant. With the Spiff 4 Pillars – Asset Storage, Product Customizer, Data Processing, and Delivery Automation – the possibilities are virtually endless.

Merchants can opt for their proven out-of-the-box UI/UX or, for those seeking a more tailored experience, utilize their API to design their own UI/UX. Rich data can be stored against product variants offered, providing valuable downstream information. Themes are customizable, allowing you to either choose from our selection or go the DIY route. And the Product Sharing, a feature that lets you tap into traffic from partner stores. Spiff can look costly at first glance, but its premium features justify its cost, which is $99 per month. It has over 20 total reviews on the marketplace and a stellar rating of 4.9 stars.

18.Smart Customizer

Empower your customers to infuse a personal touch into their purchases by making your products fully customizable. Whether you are in the business of selling personalized T-shirts, furniture, bags, or even bikes and cars, this product customizer app opens a world of possibilities. Customers can add color, customized texts, vector shapes, or images, enabling them to craft their own exclusive designs. This seamless product customization experience isn’t just about personalization – it is a strategy move to boost sales and reduce returns.

Let your customers create and preview the final personalized product effortlessly. Take advantage of pre-made product templates or unleash your creativity by designing your own. Receive print-ready design files in PDF, PNG, and SVG formats as the output. If you have unique graphic assets, upload them to create your very own design templates. It’s all about giving your customers the freedom to shape and visualize their purchases, enhancing their satisfaction and your sales. It offers a long 30-day free trial, and the premium plans start at $9 per month. This app has 4 total reviews on the app marketplace.

19.Shopify Product Designer

Get ready for a revolutionary product customization experience with the Shopify product designer app. Enjoy a comprehensive 2D/3D preview that lets you visualize customized products from every angle seamlessly. Whether you are on a desktop or a mobile device, this app is fully mobile responsive, providing customization possibilities wherever inspiration strikes.

Dive into the world of vibrant colors with CMYK support, ensuring what you see is what you get color print on your products. Upgrade your product customization game with these cutting-edge features, making your Shopify store stand out and offering customers a dynamic and immersive customization experience. Shopify product designer’s cost is based on quotes and your requirements. If you talk about the total reviews of this app, you won’t see much on the Shopify marketplace, but it has a 4.9-star rating, which makes it a reliable choice.

Wrapping Up

Shopify product customization apps give customers the freedom to shape their purchases. We have listed the top product customization apps so that you can easily customize products before making a final call to purchase. These highlighted products will make your customization quick and efficient. Follow the mentioned steps and get the job done.


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